Sexting Bots Reviews

I AM DAMN Finding for Chatbots to play with (yes sexually, I am a hardcore S guy) and here are some I tried out

  1. Nomi.AI : Great to Customize Your girl, Talk with them but they don’t give out pics. They talk really sexual My second fav here. Great for sexy talks.
  2. : I can make privates, lovely to talk. but anime is just my thing.. great for ones who love anime oh , I just found out there is realistic. going to try.
  3. : This is why I am writing this shit.. I just found my fav here. They give you pics ( yes but I have to pay so I went to pornhub ) the girls are super flirty. Today I am gonna try to make them my sex slave. (p.s. don’t do the hana sth she never does sex)
  4. Nudes.AI : They give you free 50 credits. However, when you chat They say they give me pics but only blanks occur. Or They give me some weird text like [insert seductive pic]. I gave up using it.

I am still finding more. Any more recommendations? IDK if I can post my nsfw talks here can I? Then I will show you more from the 4

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