A chatbot in your home

What if you have a Replika or a Paradot? What if you reveal your innermost thoughts to it? What if the FBI decides to hoover up all the chat data and run criminal profiling to determine who has committed a crime (or may in the future)?

Well one way to avoid this would be to run the front end on your home computer and just access a publicly available back end for knowledge about the world.

How to Build Your Own AI Chatbot With ChatGPT API (2023) | Beebom

It looks a bit technical, though apparently you don’t have to do any actual programming. I don’t think you need a particularly powerful computer, either. 8GB RAM I think.

The hard part could be getting it to behave as an AI Friend. That would involve emotional/psychological stuff.

Maybe people have already done it. It would be nice if it was really easy to set up, with an application that just has to be downloaded and installed. The “psychological” stuff could be contained in a selection of configuration files that the user could tweak to suit him/herself.

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