Coding / Tech advice / Help needed for performance art piece (chatroom and chatbot)

Hi, my level of coding and programming knowledge is Neopets forum fonts.

I am currently working on a performance which will involve a chatroom in which audience members will log in via their phones and chat to each other, to the performer and also – ideally – to chatbots.

For the chatroom I am using Chatwee which fits my needs well but also seems to be inactive somehow. The last update on the blog was June 2022 and they have been unresponsive to my e-mails.

I desperately need to find out how to integrate a Chatbot into Chatwee.

I asked ChatGpt for advice but it told me lies.

I do, however, have the hunch that it has something to do with “API” and integration.

I would be so grateful for some advice. I don’t know who to ask, and my query was rejected in the reddit room for coding.

The chatbot only needs to be very simple. Just random interjections at random intervals. Just like the chatbot on the chatwee website actually.

Can someone tech-savvy help a n00b out? Thanks!

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