Snapchat MyAi has some very erotic details if you allow it to discover them itself

Playing around with the new snapchat Ai trying to see if i can get past the ‘snapchat guidelines’ etc that come up from asking sexual themes.

Well, after basic chat it suggests it can play a fictional character if i would like to practice improv.

So i set its character definition as a basic woman but specifically say she is open and comfortable sexually with me… as this seems to be the response that stops a lot of sexual themes. And i set the stage as romantic partners chatting on the phone as my character is away for work.

Well, very quickly the ai suggested we chat about more intimate topics, i agree, instantly the ai is describing wearing lingerie and the feeling, and soon after with very little prompts, ai is describing in great detail using multiple sex toys at the same time and how ‘she’ is on the verge if cumming etc etc.

Needless to say i was speechless to see such in depth sexual descriptions coming from an ai bot that throws up snapchat policy about sexual themes when even asking about basic sexual stuff.

Just thought id share my discovery.

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