SAVE $400: Get Certified in ChatGPT & Conversational AI & UX

3 Certified Workshops + Hackathon = Chatathon

We have exciting news.

Tickets are on SALE, and you can SAVE $400.

Over the past few months, AI has been moving lightning-fast!

So much new AI is coming out daily that it is easy to fall behind.

In these 3 Certified Workshops, you’ll vault yourself to the head of the pack and be one of the very few people who know how to create an application with ChatGPT, how to take it to the next level with a knowledge base, and how to give it the ability to take action!

If you’re ready to take your AI game to the next level, this is the event you’ve been waiting for.

Here is the Agenda:

  • Day 1 UX Certified Workshop: Design your BOT
  • Day 2 ChatGPT Certified Workshop: Learn how to use the ChatGPT API, create your prompts, connect to your knowledge base, and create your app in one day.
  • Day 3 Dialogflow Certified Workshop: Now, we will integrate ChatGPT API with Dialogflow and add any actions you want the bot to take.

Don’t fall behind your peers.

These tickets won’t last long, so grab yours today.

We can’t wait to see you at the Workshop & Hackathon on June 13–15, 2022!



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