Is there any open source way to create a 3D avatar chatbot?

I want to create a chatbot with a 3D avatar frontend like this:

Or this:

Or this: (select an action, like “both hands”, to see them move)

I tried several deep learning based methods, and the avatars they generate are not high fidelity. If you are aware of any, please do let me know.

If there’s none that can match the quality of the above avatars (the skin texture, the lack of unnatural artefacts, the hand and body movements, etc), then I’m open to learning non-deep learning based methods to create such avatars, like using Unity, Blender, Unreal engine, etc. Which one would be easiest to get started with and get some quick wins? Also, if I use tools like these, the avatar will come as an object file (like avatar.obj, right?). So, how do I then integrate this object file with the NLP backend in Python to make it speak?

Any help is appreciated.

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