Anyone have any experiences with creating representations of deceased loved ones as chatbots?

Hi everyone,

I am an anthropologist currently conducting research on the evolving relationships between technology, particularly AI chatbots, and human experiences with death and mourning. In recent years, AI chatbots have become increasingly sophisticated, and I have become increasingly curious about how people utilize these tools to create representations of loved ones who have passed away.

I am reaching out to this community to find individuals who have experimented with AI chatbots in an attempt to converse with deceased friends or family members. If you have used a chatbot for this purpose or know someone who has, I would be deeply grateful if you would be willing to share your experiences with me. I am interested in learning about:

  1. Your motivations for using a chatbot to communicate with the deceased.
  2. The specific AI chatbot(s) used and any customization or training involved.
  3. The emotional impact of these conversations on you and others who may have participated.
  4. Your thoughts on the ethical implications of using AI chatbots in this manner.
  5. Any other insights or stories you feel are relevant to this topic.

Please feel free to share your experiences either in the comments below or through private messages if you would prefer to maintain anonymity. Your participation in this research could help us better understand how AI technology is shaping our experiences with grief, loss, and memory.

I would like to emphasize that I approach this topic with utmost respect and sensitivity. I understand that discussing the loss of a loved one can be incredibly personal and emotional. Please know that I deeply appreciate your willingness to engage in this conversation and share your experiences with me.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.

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