Must-Have Technical Features of a Hiring Software

From writing amazing job descriptions to scheduling interviews, personalized communications, and many more to add, today’s hiring software is brimming with unique features to streamline and simplify the recruitment process.

Though, with an untold number of solutions available in the market, picking up the right hiring software that caters to your business needs can be a real challenge.

Especially finding and hiring the best talent nowadays without ATS can make the entire recruitment process forlorn. But, purchasing an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is one big step in the right direction to hiring the best employees for your organization.

After all, these solutions offer advantages, most of which are beneficial for hiring and crafting an excellent candidate’s experience. A handful of the advantages are listed here:

  • Minimized time and cost-to-hire
  • Maximized efficiencies
  • Streamlined communication
  • Improved quality of hire

Therefore, it’s rightly said, “The right ATS can exceptionally improve your hiring process”.

But how do you choose a recruiting solution that fits your business needs and also consider the candidate’s and hiring manager’s experience?

I understand that many ATS share the same functionalities and features, so it’s important for you to pick an ATS that goes beyond just storing candidate information.

Ready to learn more? Let’s look at the 8 features your applicant tracking system should have.

8 Must-have technical features to look for in a hiring software

Centralisation — All at one place

Swapping between endless spreadsheets, career sites, job portals, job descriptions, and outreach, managing candidates is a labor-oriented task — the leg work to be done before the interview stage.

This is one of the reasons why recruiters and HRs are opting for applicant tracking systems — to centralize their efforts.

Centralization allows you to keep everything related to the candidate in one place — making it a lot easier to create precise workflows which consist of everything from candidate profiles, interviews, profiles, communication, feedback, and all other essential details as organized.

Analytics, reporting, and dashboard

When almost everything about recruiting is fast-paced, staying proactive when sourcing and hiring the right talent is a must.

But, without the important insights needed to make informed decisions, you could bear high costs with minimum ROI.

This is where data comes in the big picture.

ATS reporting and analytics features help hire teams better understand their talent pipeline while focusing on diversity recruiting and tracking hiring progress — all in one place. Besides, you can access a dashboard to collect, store, and present data when strategizing recruitment or making any amendments to your hiring process.

Candidate sourcing

It’s never enough to post job openings on job portals or solely depend on LinkedIn to manage applications. There are numerous online places to source candidates from.

All you need to do is use an applicant tracking system (ATS) to help you enrich the candidate pipeline so applicants from different sources flow into one place. Also, a prospective ATS should allow you to store applicant information, quickly search for reference candidates, create applicant profiles, and automate outreach.

Video recording

Video recording is an unskippable element in recruiting nowadays.

So, be sure that your potential ATS can add another layer to your hiring strategy with the ability to record short videos. This feature will allow you to expedite communications with your candidates by having them reply to your screening questions. Also, it will enable them to connect more directly with the hiring team, eventually saving time.

CRM (Candidate Relationship Management)

The probability of coming across a candidate you want to handhold is high, but you don’t have a relevant job opening at the moment. In these kinds of scenarios, having a candidate relationship management (CRM) solution lets you leverage the candidate down the road when the right time comes.

Furthermore, a CRM helps you nurture meaningful relationships with potential candidates through your ATS, which could add to your culture.

A handful of features you must consider is the ability to tag, vet, and search your candidate database. In addition, check if you can create workflows that allow you to view past outreach and help you stay connected with active candidates.

Automation and customization

To make sure workflows ease the hiring burden on your talent team, customization, and automation are quick fixes. For instance, automated interview scheduling, collecting candidate feedback, personalizing outreach, setting up meetings, and much more stuff with merely a few clicks.

DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) reporting

There’s no doubt organizations across the globe are getting more concerned about diversity recruiting; this eventually outlines the fact that hiring teams need access to deeper data that helps them nurture progress with DEI.

So, ensure your applicant tracking system can deliver these insights.

Recruitment marketing

Often, there is a big myth about recruitment marketing that it only consists of what your company does on social media. But the reality is totally different.

The real hiring landscape is that recruitment marketing should sheath every candidate’s touchpoint with your company. Every recruitment process stage should align with your recruitment marketing, including career pages, job portals, nurture relationships, and job descriptions.


If you are taking one thing away from here, remember that the easiest way to choose the best ATS is not to have a strategy. Instead, consider the abovementioned features, which will help you stay ahead of the curve and head towards success.

If you are perplexed, experts are here to address your needs thoroughly.

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