Bot Libre 3D — Digital Humans for the Metaverse

Bot Libre 3D — Digital Humans for the Metaverse

They say a house is not a home if there is no one there. Well, what good is an advanced virtual space without access to digital assets like 3D chatbots to interact with?

Bot Libre, the open-source platform for chatbot development and the metaverse, has launched an APK app for its metaverse solution where people can experience how their 3D chatbots can engage customers in the metaverse.

Within the metaverse, Bot Libre 3D chatbots can act as customer support officers, tutors, event hosts, conference facilitators, designers, and even friends. You can build your bot from scratch or choose from thousands of our language-independent bots available, train them, and deploy them across varying virtual spaces. For instance, they can be added to a storefront to answer shoppers’ questions and even study customers’ habits to offer more personalized recommendations.

These digital humans can teach you a new language, resolve your banking issues, help you sell your NFTs, offer cool recommendations on what to purchase or places to visit in the metaverse, talk about politics and even dance for you. The 3D avatars can also be used to realistically represent humans at conferences, concerts, or even when having a friendly conversation with others.

For persons accessing the app, and integrating it with their business solutions, send an email to for support.

Bot Libre is also accepting members to our Metaverse program, Bot Libre Metaverse Enterprise, where you can get early access to our metaverse solutions and support to develop your product or service for the metaverse. To learn more about Bot Libre metaverse solutions, send an email to

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