7 Reasons to Build a Chat App With React JS in 2023

When planning on creating a chat application, you’ll need to make decisions about the framework you’ll use to build the app. If you’re interested in JavaScript, React JS is an excellent option. React compares very positively to other frameworks, and for many reasons, it’s a perfect choice for a project like building chat apps.

This blog post highlights the popularity of chat apps and a few good reasons for choosing Reach JS in building Chat Apps.

Why are Chat Apps Becoming Popular in the Digital Era?

The popularity of Chat apps to engage with prospects via messages is continuously growing daily. They have created their strong position and importance across social media networks.

The Messaging Apps Report published by Business Insider states that the top four messaging apps in the world (WeChat, Facebook Messenger, Viber, and WhatsApp) have already outranked a few big social media platforms (Google+, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook) when it comes to a number of active monthly users.

Interactive chat apps are now regarded as the newest communication trend. And there are numerous reasons businesses are shifting towards chat apps.

A quick overview of ReactJS

ReactJS is rapidly becoming popular among web and mobile app development companies and across the community of application developers worldwide.

This is mainly due to two critical characteristics: simplicity and speed. ReactJS is a free, open-source front-end JavaScript library focusing primarily on the front end.

According to the Stack Overflow survey for 2021, React.JS is the most demanding web framework developers use to develop web applications. It was also discovered that over 69%, or one out of four software developers, prefer React JS.

This makes React.JS the third most used library for web app development, next to Svelte, ASP.NET Core, and Fast API, which obtained 71.47% and 70.04%, respectively.

What makes ReactJS an excellent choice for building an interactive chat application?

ReactJS has taken front-end development to the next level. It is used and trusted by industry leaders like Discord, Facebook, Instagram, Skype, and WhatsApp.

Here are a few reasons why the top React Native app developers choose to build a chat application with React. JS.

Unbeatable Speed

React’s speed is a primary reason that influenced competitive React web development companies to choose it every time. It helps boost the development process speed by letting the React.JS development company use the application’s individual elements on both the server and client sides.

This allows the React.JS web development company to let different developers write the individual elements and implement changes without messing up the application logic.

Simplified Scripting

ReactJS makes the whole process of scripting components more straightforward and cleaner. To make scripting better, seamless, and smoother, you can use JSX- a free syntax JavaScript extension.

JSX facilitates the rendering of a subcomponent and HTML quoting. This can greatly enhance site performance and boost development efficiency.

Intuitive and Easy to Use

This is possibly one of the best characteristics of ReactJS. Any React app development company with basic conventional JavaScript knowledge can utilize ReactJS in creating an innovative interactive chat application.

This intuitive, lightweight, and easy-to-use framework makes writing components effortless as it facilitates the overall writing process.


React code is easier and more flexible compared to other front-end frameworks. It is also simpler to maintain. Thanks to its modular structure, that helps facilitate the overall chat app development process. This feature can help reduce the cost and time required to develop a messaging app.


React library used for web application development projects. And its simple and easy-to-understand features make it preferable to build a web-based chat application with ReactJS.

React is quite a mobile-centric framework that allows developers to build an equally impressive mobile chat application. Facebook has recently introduced React Native.

It is the same framework as ReactJS but is specially developed for cross-platform applications. This upgraded framework lets developers build native mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms.

Supports Third-Party Plugins

There’s nothing more frustrating than having an app that doesn’t support the majority of third-party plugins. One way or another, you’ll need some functionality that a third-party plugin offers, and it will make your chat app way better and a lot easier to code. This is one of the many reasons developers love React — it supports most third-party plugins, leaving you more room for improvement and customization when it comes to your chat app.

Since the Native framework alone may have some missing components, you can fill those missing components or gaps with support from third-party plugins, which is pretty awesome.

Pre-Built Components And Reusable Codes

This is, by far, one of the best benefits of using React app for your chat application. With this feature, you don’t need to create a separate app for iOS and Android. Most of the codes can be used for both devices, saving you a lot of time and effort simultaneously. You can also browse through a large library of pre-built components that you may find handy when building your chat app.


React App makes it easier for developers to create a fully-functional chat application, and it doesn’t require too much time, energy, and effort to make one. You have all the resources you need, with an awesome community, a large library collection, and pre-built components ready to use.

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