What is ADAS Systems

Almost all vehicle accidents are caused by human error which can be avoided with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems also known as ADAS.

The role of ADAS is to prevent deaths and injuries by reducing the number of car accidents and the serious impact of those cannot be avoided. The ADAS Systems are passive and active safety systems designed to remove human error when operating vehicles of many types.

The ADAS Systems use advanced technologies to assist the driver during driving and thereby improved the driver’s performance.

It uses sensors in the vehicles such as radar and cameras to perceive the world around it and then either provide information to the driver or take automatic action based on what it perceives.

The modernization of ADAS applications is the first step towards realizing autonomous vehicles.

How does the ADAS system work?

Self-driving cars use a variety of technologies to gain 360-degree vision both near and far.

The ADAS System consists of sensor various chips called systems on a chip interface and a powerful computer processor that integrates all of the data and makes decisions in real time.

The implementation of cameras in the vehicle involves a new AI function that uses Sensor Fusion to identify and process objects.

Sensor Fusion is similar to how the human brain process information. It combines large amounts of data with the help of image recognition software Ultrasound Sensors, LiDAR, and RADAR.

This technology can physically respond faster than a human driver ever could.

What does ADAS do that humans can’t?

The ADAS -equipped vehicles have an array of advanced sensors that augment the eyes, ears, and decision-making of the human driver.

Can a human see in the dark?

Not very well but radar can.

Can a human echolocate like a bat or a dolphin to determine if there is a child behind the car before the car is put in reverse?

No, but SONAR Sensors can.

Can you see in all directions at once?

No, but cameras and LiDAR Sensors can.

Do you know your exact latitude and longitude at all times?

No, but several constellations of global positioning satellites in space can send that information to the car.

ADAS Levels

Advanced Driver Assistance System levels are technical features that are intended to improve vehicle safety they are categorized into different levels based on the amount of Automation and the scale provided by the Society of Automotive engineers.

The ADAS System can be divided into Six levels

In level 0 the driver is entirely responsible for managing the vehicle including steering braking, accelerating, and slowing down.

In level 1 the vehicle has at least one driver support system that assists.

In level 2 the vehicle can perform steering and acceleration. The driver still monitors all tasks and can take control at any time.

In level 3 ready autonomous vehicle is capable of driving itself in particular conditions during which it will take control of all safety critical systems nonetheless when the system asks it the driver is supposed to take control.

In level 4 you can take an app while riding in the vehicle. Level 4 driving automation technology is for use in driverless taxis in travel between point A to point B and is restricted to specific Geographic boundaries by Geo-fencing technology.

In level 5 the vehicle performs all driving tests under all conditions. At this level zero human attention or interaction is required.

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