Get Certified in Conversational UX & AI

Full-Day Workshops: Nov 16 & 17

Have you happened to see our Certified Workshop Agenda?

It’s phenomenal… the best we have ever had.

And for having trained over 1,000 people in this industry, that is saying a lot.

Here is what’s in store for you…

On Day 1, you Learn It!

It all starts at the Chatbot Conference on Nov 15, where you discover what to build during the conference day.

On Day 2, you Design it!

On Nov 16, we start the day with a Theory on Conversational Design from CDI!

During the morning session, you will learn about the Happy Flow, Fallbacks, Personality, and how to design a conversational flow. In our afternoon sessions, you’ll design these flows and using Voiceflow and at the end of the day, export your project to Dialogflow.

>>See Full Agenda

On Day 3, you Build it!

You will take what you exported, and the Botcopy team will help you create an entire, data-based framework for your bot in Dialogflow.

Until now, enterprises have spent too much time and resources building conversions by assuming to know what customers wanted. Only to discover that customers ask questions differently than assumed or different questions altogether, leading to bot failure!

In this workshop, you’ll discover how to avoid this situation and build according to users’ needs!

This is an entirely new way to build, and we’re very excited that the industry is moving in this direction.

Check out the full agenda below: See Full Agenda



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