Can Conversational AI Be The Cure for Mass Education’s Problems?

Many people think of conversational AI as the next big thing. Technology has already made its way into our homes, offices and cars. But can it be used to help mass education? The answer is yes! There are several reasons why we should consider implementing conversational AI in schools around the world:

Table of Contents
  1. AI tutors can support our human tutors and educators who are constantly overwhelmed with other tasks
  2. AI provides immediate feedback so that students know whether they are right or wrong.
  3. AI enables students to interact with tutors as if it were a person.
  4. AI can teach individual students depending on their level of understanding in real-time. 
  5. AI is equipped with data from millions of previous conversations so it knows what questions to ask and what answers to give. 
  6. AI can be used to help children with special needs. 
  7. With the advancement in technology and education, conversational AIs have become better at delivering results than humans. 
  8. Takeaway