Startup company AI21 unveils Wordtune Read as a solution for “Too long, didn’t read”

Reading, comprehending, and summarizing long documents won’t be that difficult from now because linguistic startup AI21 has unveiled a tool that will automatically summarize, comprehend and read any long document in just a few seconds. This new Wordtune Read will make managing important documents easier for any kind of commercial and enterprise use.

Word and Wordtune

The company is considering this Wordtune Read as an important tool to save a lot of time for enterprises as it automatically detects and analyzes texts from a link or a given pdf and then summarizes, highlights, and identifies important phrases. Also, there’s a new feature called Spotlight that will allow Wordtune Read to reexamine and summarize with a different emphasis.

This Wordtune read has been created by AI21 intending to make it a part of its larger developing language models.

“ Our mission at AI21 Labs is to fundamentally reimagine the way people write and read, so we thought it was high time to share our vision for the reading part of that equation. Underpinned by our sophisticated language models, Wordtune Read was specifically designed to help professionals across a range of industries and academia navigate the issue of information overload,” AI21 stated in a Blog Post.

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