Nvidia and kore.ai tie-up for Voice AI customer service.

Conversational AI startup platform Kore.ai crosses $73.5 million series C funding round as Nvidia has added $3.5 million to their funding round. And this investment is indicating the sign of teaming up for the integration of Voice AI technology for customer service centers.

Kore.ai and Nvidia

Kore.ai has made its name by creating a wide virtual assistant platform to build, test and deploy voice and text-based customer service. As soon as their name spreads, the company claims to be a giant tech who has managed more than a billion interactions. However, the company has already funded $73.5 million where an extra of 3.5 million has been added by Nvidia. The investment has been made to tie up with kore.ai and work for advanced conversational Ai projects and platforms.

According to Kore.ai, Nvidia Riva’s specially designed SKD will help to build an advanced technology AI brand voice to enhance customer service and other relations. Riva is the part of expanded conversational AI of Nvidia.

Nvidia’s GPU also makes any Ai much accurate and faster than others to provide a more instant and effective response to customers.

“This relationship will allow us to further optimize the contact center experience for customers and agents thereby improving the speed of business for enterprises, large and small,” Kore CEO Raj Koneru stated.

Nvidia is gradually extending their advanced Ai technological services from allowing cars to park themselves automatically to virtual humans whereas, kore.ai helps to boost enterprise’s business by optimizing customer service experience. Thus the tie-up between these two companies is quite significant.

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