Call Center Sentiment Analysis — Hack to Empathetic Customer Service

Call Center Sentiment Analysis — Hack to Empathetic Customer Service

Call Center sentiment analysis is the processing of data by identifying the natural nuance of customer context and analyzing data to make customer service more empathetic.

If you are employed in Call Center, the following scenario might be familiar: You get a call from a client and hear their words with stress. The cause for such a cataclysmic reaction: They got a bad rating for their products or business.

Some of those reviews might be negative, formal, and neutral. Knowing what someone meant can be tricky unless you understand their emotional quotient.

Although, most call center organizations rely on common processes such as surveys and groups to understand the customer context and choice. These processes and tools might help you gain some traction from customers but won’t be fruitful in the long run.

The problem persists that how you are providing a significant customer experience. As a torchbearer of technology Sentiment Analysis has the potential to enable call center managers to learn what their customer wants and provide an empathetic customer experience.

What are Call Center Sentiment Analysis and its importance?

Call center sentiment analysis is the processing of collecting, analyzing, and taking action on customer response. As per “ The use of Sentiment Analysis is one of the top technologies trends that will have the greatest impact on customer service in the future. 

Sentiment analysis is a powerful tool that produces data by identifying nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs in voice or text and interpreting the sentiment behind it.

Call center managers can mine this data by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies like Machine Learning(ML), and Natural Language Processing(NLP). By using these cognitive capabilities, the sentiment analysis algorithm helps the call centers determine whether the process data express a positive, negative, or neutral tone.

In the customer center, the main aim is to have maximum insight into customer intent. Sentiment analysis enables call center agents to tailor their branding and business management to be more engaging and empathetic. This not only enhances customer loyalty but also improves human-to-human customer support outcomes.

Customer Sentiment Analysis Benefits

It’s no surprise that many businesses and organizations are using sentiment analysis to revive their customer experience.

Let’s dig into the advantages of sentiment analysis in call centers-

Machine learning algorithms, sentiment analysis keeps learning from past interactions and recommends products and services as per customer’s interest, therefore providing a personalized customer experience.

Customer requirements and needs vary from customer to customer. And in the era of instant everything customers expect the same from call center agents. With sentiment analysis generated , call center agents can review data in real-time, and assess whether the customer is feeling positive or negative. This in turn helps them reduce call handles time, cuts costs, and enhances customer loyalty in their services.

Customer experiences are hampered by the lack of emotional cues, raising barriers to communication. But, call center sentiment analysis enables agents to see through the true intent behind customer emotion. By using deep machine learning, it automatically detects positive or negative intent behind customers’ emotions and helps call center agents to interact with them accordingly.

The more you improve service quality, the more loyal your customer base. But how do you know where improvement is required? With predictive algorithms and AI capabilities, sentiment analysis can parse through the negative and positive emotions of customer feedback. That’s how it makes call center agents be self-aware about the changing pattern in their customer service and make changes before it reaches a critical stage.

Companies using sentiment analysis makes a lot of difference in the way they interact with their customer. Sentiment analysis constantly checks the customer pulse by using AI algorithms and provides practical insights into differences in the nuanced and contextual tone and emotion of customer speech for faster resolution.


The importance of call center sentiment analysis has accelerated in the new normal. There is no formula to prevent negative and neutral feedback from the world out there. However, your company will be better equipped to respond if it implements a strategy that leverages sentiment analysis.

From identifying happy customers to negative feedback, sentiment analysis enables companies and organizations to truly stay competitive and on top of their game. All your organization need is to embrace the change.

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Originally published at on January 26, 2022.

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