Senior Living Voice Assistant Startup Speak2 Family Acquires Rival Soundmind

Seniors developer Speak2 Family has announced that it will buy Soundmind and its similar voice attendant. The rate at which this acquisition will take place hasn’t been disclosed to the media.

Speak2 Family’s Alexa app is specifically designed to fulfill the needs of older people residing without their families or living in old-age living facilities.

This Alexa app can be used by senior living facilities to connect with people and provide them the opportunity to access required information as well as submit their requests to the management of the facility. The voice app also enables seniors to easily dial and receive video calls, which can be a daunting task for seniors considering they are new to the prevailing advanced technology.

Speak2 Family’s co-founder explains that caregivers have to perform multiple tasks at the same time. Speak2 focuses on meeting the needs of seniors and caregivers in a way, which provides value to both their everyday lives.

Both Speak2 Family and Soundmind are committed to developing technological services which provide daily assistance to seniors.

The pandemic has proved to be an extremely lonely period for seniors. Hence, an increasing demand for voice AI-operated technology can be witnessed in the market.

Amazon created the Alexa care hub to enable you to keep track of the older members of your family and enable your loved ones to immediately call you without any delay in case of emergencies.

Shortly after Alexa care hub, Alexa together tool, was created which adds an optional Remote Assist feature in the care set to remind your loved ones to perform important tasks as well as share shopping lists.

Soundmind CEO, Erum Azeez Khan, said that Speak2 is focusing on delivering the most life-altering services to the seniors. Their services are committed to make a senior’s life more convenient and enable them to easily interact with a facility’s staff, family as well their local residents. Seniors often find it hard to operate technological devices but Speak2 is designing technology that can be easily operated and used by them.

Along with Speak2 Family, a lot of other tech giants have seen the potential in Alexa to assist with senior tech services. For example, 8000 Echo Dot smart speakers donated by Amazon were distributed by K4Connect among retired communities. K4Connect also incorporated software for assisted living with Amazon Echo Show smart display using Alexa Management APIs.

Speak2 Family acquiring Soundmind demonstrates how the seniors and their caregivers are increasingly resorting to voice assistance for their daily needs.

Guerra said that they are constantly looking for ways to innovate and transform the communication and interaction processes between seniors and their caregivers. Amazon’s Alexa, the virtual assistant, opens up endless opportunities to develop and transform the care giving services. Both the companies have immense conviction that Alexa’s voice will definitely be able to achieve their vital goal of bridging the gaps between seniors and caregivers.

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