AI is dangerous for content creators

The bad side of using AI as a content creator

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Don’t get me wrong, using AI as a part of your content creation process can be very helpful, and it can help with providing value to your readers and viewers. However, if you use it carelessly, it can be harmful to your career as a content creator.

As the director of product management at Munch, I have access to a vast amount of data about content creation. I also took part in hundreds of interviews with content creators of all kinds. I noticed that many creators started using AI tools as a part of their creation process. I see great threats hiding in this trend.

They came for your “own voice”

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In a way, using AI to create content is a deception on your followers and your most loyal audience. For some reason, readers and viewers decide to receive information from you, and not from another person. You are not the only person that is making videos or writing blog posts about a certain subject. And trust me, your information about NFT and web 3.0 (or any other hot topic you are talkingwriting about) is not that unique.

“You might say that your scent, taste, and feel are embedded in the content you create, whether you are aware of that or not…”

Yet, with each word you write or each sentence you say, you provide the audience with a part of yourself. I call it the “own voice” element. You use your words, your way of saying things, your little jokes, and your point of view. You might say that your scent, taste, and feel are embedded in the content you create, whether you are aware of that or not. That is the “why” for choosing you over another content creator that is talking about the exact same thing. For that reason, posting AI-created may be interpreted as a breach of authenticity that might lead to the abandonment of your viewers and readers.

Creation vs. Repurposing

It is crucial to fully understand the distinction between content creation and content repurposing to see the danger in using AI for content creation.

Content creation

A term that means to make something out of nothing. It involves finding a topic to focus on for that specific creation, planning it, producing it, and at the very end of the creation process you get a content piece — A “PILLAR PIECE”. Generally speaking, Pillar pieces are created for a specific crowd and a specific distribution platform. For example, you are making an explainer video about Etherium for unprofessional crypto traders and intend to post it on Youtube. Using other sources for data or inspiration is perfectly fine, but it must be created with originality to be called content creation.

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The new wave of AI-powered copywriting and AI video generating tools is highly appealing to creators. We’ve all experienced the “blank page” sensation and the frustration it causes, so it’s terrific to have something to help us get started. You must be thrilled about using a machine to do your work and make article publishing a breeze. You might be tempted to type a sentence into an AI copywriter and have it generate a complete piece for you. Well, I say, don’t do it! You can lose your audience as a result.

Content repurposing

This term refers to the process of leveraging the pillar piece you created. The goals could be approaching different crowds, gaining followers on more platforms, or increasing traffic to the pillar piece’s web page. Repurposing content may involve editing a pillar piece to make it longer or shorter, converting its format from video to text, adjusting it to fit more distribution platforms, creating snippets from it, or gathering many pillar pieces to create a newsletter.

In contrast to content creation, there seems to be no danger in using AI for content repurposing if done correctly. The key thing to remember is to keep the content authentic and to reflect the creator’s own voice. Among many other uses, you can use AI to turn a video into a blog post or a blog post into social media posts.


To conclude

AI has the potential to be a blessing to content creators. It can assist you in overcoming a variety of obstacles and barriers. You can use it to reach out to new viewers or readers. But keep in mind that your audience isn’t just looking for information; they’re also picking the vessel through which they’ll get it. Using AI to completely create content for you, or instead of you, can be pretty harmful. Your relationship with them may eventually fall apart because no one wants to be deceived.

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