Chatbot Conference is coming to the Metaverse in 5 Days!

Join us in the Metaverse!

Chatbot Conference in the Metaverse

In this year’s Chatbot Conference, we will explore the latest on Conversational AI, Voice, and Chatbots/Digital Assistants with a strong focus on both how Enterprises are using this technology and how it’s becoming implemented in the Metaverse.

The theme and trend we are seeing is that Conversational AI is expanding from Enterprise Technology to the creative

This promises to be one of our most exciting events, and we are featuring speakers from Google, Salesforce, Microsoft, Charisma, CDI, and more.


We are going to be exploring the most pressing topics in the Conversational AI Industry:

  • Big Picture: Discover how Enterprises are using Bots to increase revenue and decrease costs.
  • Deep Dives: We will do deep dives into the top use cases such as AI for Customers Service, HR, Conversational RPAs, Voice, and More.
  • Execution: Focus on Conversational Design and NLP/NLU
  • Metaverse & Meta Humans: We will explore how Hollywood is using Metahumans to tell stories in the Metaverse.

Meet Digital Humans

One of our core topics we will explore is how Brands are starting to use Digital Humans to create experiences in the Metaverse. Imagine that you are watching a great TV Show, like ‘The Game of Thrones’. Soon, you’ll be able to go to The Game Thrones Metaverse, interact with the characters, and open up new stories and plot lines that the TV show can’t cover in a 10hr season!

Charisma AI is working on exactly this type of use case and has recently created Beowolf. To accomplish this, they are using Unreal Engine/Unity alongside NLU and dynamic storytelling with feedback.

Simply, your favorite characters are coming to the Metaverse and soon, you’ll be able to hang out with them, discover more about their story and go on missions.

Certified Workshop in Conversational UX & AI Development

Want to get involved in the exciting world of Conversational AI?

We have Certified Workshops in Conversational AI and NLU Development. By the end of the workshops, you will know what use cases to build, how to design a conversational agent, and how to develop a Conversational Agent that can take orders, answer questions and fulfill tasks.

Join us on ZOOM & Decentraland

Chatbot Conference starts on Tuesday, April 12 from 9 am to 5 pm Pacific Time. You can attend via Zoom Event and/or in the Metaverse in Decentraland. On April 13, we are hosting our Full-Day Certified Conversational UX Workshop and on April 14, we turn your designs into a conversational bot in our Certified Full Day NLU Workshop.

Register below, and see you in the Metaverse!

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