Month: March 2022

  • How to link Sonos and Echo speakers together and form groups?

    Willing to listen to your favorite Echo music through Sonos speaker? Don’t worry pal!Continue reading on Chatbots Life »

  • How to connect, update, and troubleshoot your Google Home Wi-Fi network

    Your Google Home or Google Assistant speaker listens intently to your every word to deliver music requests, smart home control, and…Continue reading on Chatbots Life »

  • Bulk SMS Services for E-Commerc

    Cloud Messaging services for E-CommerceEcommerce, particularly mobile commerce, or m-commerce, is rapidly expanding. While email marketing has long been one of the most popular ways for businesses to communicate, SMS service is swiftly growing rapidly.Why? Because it can cut through noise more effectively than nearly any other channel. Consider how quickly your company’s marketing communications could…

  • Challenges Faced by Women in Education

    Being an educator isn’t an easy job. Along with long hours, heavy workloads, and both mental and physical struggles, they also have the responsibility of educating and shaping the next generation to continue evolving the world. Sounds challenging? Add being a woman into the mix. Don’t get us wrong — we believe that women can…

  • Alexa is now live

    Well, have you been working alone lately? Or are you planning one such work to complete, but worried about your dearly elderly relatives…Continue reading on Chatbots Life »

  • Is chatbot really a necessity for a business nowadays?

    In the past few years, we all have interacted with chatbots in some or another form. And looking at trends, the usage of chatbots will increase further.Today, we’ll discuss chatbots and how they’re going to benefit the education sector.With an ever-changing working environment, more and more people are seeking additional education or technical training, either to…

  • 8 Business Automation Ideas to Save Time and Money

    Making smarter decisions about your business processes is critical to ensure lower time-to-market and high ROI. Future fit technology executives know the importance of optimizing business operations efficiency and workflow processes to remain ahead in the competitive landscape.Whether your organization is small or large, now is a good time to create automation opportunities by integrating…

  • Google Assistant and YouTube to be incorporated into Volvo cars

    It has been announced that Google is about to join hands with the Volvo car group to integrate its Google Assistant features along with…Continue reading on Chatbots Life »

  • How Do Chatbots Help in Improving your Brand Experience?

    In today’s competitive market, businesses must ensure that their brand creates a unique experience for customers.Chatbots allow customers to engage with your brand on the internet and get information and suggestion on products or services. All this without getting bogged down with repetitive tasks like waiting on hold or being directed from one department to another.This…


    use equal sign to assign a global variableSometimes we do not focus on small things. In this case it is just a small thing to focus on.Before entering the global variable you must enter the equal sign to assign a global variable to the dimension. If you do not enter the equal sign, you can create a…