Why Are Teachers Leaving the Force and What Should We Do to Help?

The pandemic has brought along many things, one of which being ‘The Great Resignation’. As people started spending more time at home with their loved ones and diving deeper within themselves, many have realised they are not satisfied with their jobs.

Millions of people worldwide across industries have quit their jobs, with the resignation numbers in America hitting an all-time high in November 2021.

When it comes to education, teachers are no exception.

It is worrying to see teachers leave the force because they are the backbone of our society and they ensure the education of the next generation.

Whether it is because of mental exhaustion, physical exhaustion, a lack of resources, or low salary, the number of teachers in the force are steadily and scarily declining.

So, what should we do to support educators and help them stay in the force? Here are some changes you can make today.





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