Need help creating a chatbot that triggers actions in a platform


So I am trying my best to get into chatbots and use them for my business but I am having a really hard time figuring out what platform to use. There are so many platforms out there and it is incredibly overwhelming.

What I am trying to build:

An SMS, WhatsApp, or Telegram chatbot that interacts with our existing customers to help them create complex orders.The bot would have to get information from our database about that customer and start by presenting them with some of their preferences.

Then the users select the items that they would like to order and make a few customizations.

All of this should be tracked and then presented to them at the end to confirm that we have the right information and when they are ready, they process the order and it is processed on their account. Their inputs would therefore have to make changes in our database and create triggers upon which certain actions would be executed.

I have played around with ManyChats and Landbot but these platforms can’t accommodate the back and forth that we need. Any ideas? Should I just create my own from scratch?

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