In your opinion which company currently has the best customer service chatbot?

To be honest I was never big into chatbots, and I have yet to run into a chatbot that has legitimately solved my customer support issues, but I will likely have to develop a chatbot for my next project at work. I was hoping I could interact with the best chatbot out in the wild, just to get some inspiration as to what the user experience should feel like when done properly.

I know chatbots can have a lot of variety so the chatbot I’m looking for would strictly be handling things like:

  • Canceling an order

  • Dispute bill

  • Payment Plans

  • Membership upgrades

So far the best chatbot I have seen is Amazon’s. Mainly because it has me specify my order that I’m contacting about before starting the support chat session. However, I’d be curious to get everyone’s input in case there’s something better.

TLDR; What’s the best chat bot encounter you’ve had and what made it so pleasant?

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