Battle of the Bots in The Crypto You

Bots, Sniper Bots, and Anti-Sniper Bots in The Crypto You

The Crypto You is the first Baby Metaverse blockchain game on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Players can summon characters, complete daily mining missions, conquer the Dark Force, loot rare items to play and earn.

Same as before, I’ll skip the briefing of The Crypto You as many KOLs have done it already. If you are new to this game, Do Your Own Research before entering any games. Also, I am not responsible for any account suspension or loss. If you like my article, you can use my referral link to support me.

This article aims to share what interesting observation I saw when coding a market bot of The Crypto You. Bots, Sniper Bots, and Anti-Sniper Bots.


There are two currencies in the market, $BABY & $MILK. $BABY is a lot more valuable than $MILK.

Targeting the cheap baby in the marketplace. Let’s say the floor price of a baby at the moment is pricing at 20 $BABY. If a careless guy lists his baby at 10 $BABY, then the bot will buy it once the baby is listed.

Screenshot of market contract on bscscan

How do bots do it?

Easy. Just keep tracking the market contract and use the “fillOrder” function to buy the targeted baby.

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Sniper Bots

Targeting the bot in the marketplace by changing the currency. It baited the bots to buy the baby with the wrong currency.

If you look into the input data of the “fillOrder” function, it requires 2 parameters, NFT id & price. It doesn’t care what currency is used because the currency was fixed when the baby is listed on the market.

How do sniper bots do it?

Scenario: Bots that buys all babies with<2000 $MILK or <20 $BABY.

The sniper bots will perform fast combo transactions:
1. Listing baby with 50 $MILK (0.3 USD).
2. Cancel listing.
3. Listing baby with 50 $BABY (75 USD).

When the bots find someone is listing a baby with their target price, they will call the “fillOrder” function immediately, i.e. fillOrder(NFT id, 50). Then they were baited with the combo and resulting in buying the baby with 50 $BABY.

Anti-Sniper Bots

Targeting the sniper bots in the marketplace by breaking their combo.

breaking sniper bot’s combo

How do anti-sniper bots do it?

The sniper bots will perform fast combo transactions. How if the anti-sniper bots are faster than the sniper bots? Buying the cheap baby before they cancel the listing order?

1. Listing baby with 50 $MILK (0.3 USD).
 — anti-sniper bots bought it
X. Cancel listing.
X. Listing baby with 50 $BABY (75 USD).


To conclude in a simple word — fast.

Screenshot of the movie Kung Fu Hustle
  1. Bots can buy cheaper babies than humans because they are faster than humans.
  2. Sniper bots baited bots because they are faster than normal bots.
  3. Anti-sniper bots killed sniper bots because they are faster than sniper bots.

How to become fast is a complicated topic that is affected by many elements. It depends on your knowledge of blockchain, coding skills, equipment… The road is long to learn.

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