How Retail Businesses can use Cloud Messaging

Text Marketing for retail stores strengthens brand loyalty, raises top-of-mind awareness, and, ultimately, boosts sales. Text marketing campaigns are read 99 percent of the time, making it a very successful marketing channel for retailers to reach out to potential and existing customers.

Texting is the ideal medium for sharing time-sensitive promotions and alerts because 78 percent of consumers feel Text Messages are the fastest way to reach them. With nurture sequences and welcome offers, it’s also a wonderful method to greet new subscribers.

Here’s how you can run a Retail Marketing Campaign:

Here’s how you can use SMS tools to engage your customers and grow your revenue:

  • Acquire new customers: Customers who are interested in your store can text a keyword to your phone number to obtain an immediate coupon or discount on a product.
  • Increase repeat business: once you have collected someone’s phone number, you can send someone information about new product launches or further discounts.
  • Send transactional messages: You can use SMS to provide order updates, coordinate curbside pickup, restock alerts, etc.
  • Limited-Time Offers: Send out time-sensitive offers to boost traffic, speed up slow days, and boost revenues. For eg. sends out distinct promos based on product categories that always include a campaign expiry date.
  • Mobile Coupons: Send a coupon-based campaign. With the help of Cloud Messaging, you can also attach an image of your product or a scannable barcode to an MMS message.
  • Send clients limited-time discount vouchers using Cloud Messaging SMS to increase foot traffic on normal days. Using our mobile app, you can effortlessly redeem these rewards at the store.

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  • Especially for you: Shoppers’ significant occasions are noted, and personalized offers are sent to them for birthdays and anniversaries. By integrating your CRM with Cloud Messaging SMS APIs, you can notify customers when their favorite brand has new stock, send monthly reward point notifications, and more.
  • Memberships: Put an end to long client enrollment lines. Allow clients to sign up for the membership program instantaneously via SMS or missed call by promoting keywords, shortcodes, long codes, and missed call numbers in-store.
  • Drive in-store sales: Do you have a major sale coming up or need to get rid of some outdated inventory? Send customized media-rich communications in 20+ regional languages. You can even track your SMS campaign engagement rates with Cloud Messaging and utilize them to improve the content of your messages and the timing of your campaigns.
  • Feedback: Is it a good or bad hair day? Gather fast feedback from shoppers with a survey p to track customer experience and service quality.

You can also use SMS tools for the following:

  • Welcome series
  • Thanks message after purchase
  • Customer service
  • Event promotion
  • Back in stock
  • New arrivals
  • Special offers and discounts
  • Loyalty programs
  • Product reviews

Implementing mass marketing for your retail business is a guaranteed way to meet your customers on their preferred channel and increase sales.

Mass texting is commonly used by retailers to announce new product releases, discount coupons, events, special products, VIP deals, and birthday messages.

Retail professionals count potential buyers to estimate how big or small a market is. Retailers typically count loyal clients who purchase on a regular basis for this purpose.

Retail Direct Messaging has an impact that reaches far beyond the smartphone screen. It has the potential to alter the way you engage with consumers, close deals, train employees, and execute marketing campaigns. Retailers may interact with customers at vital moments and nurture them into long-term customers with text message marketing. Cloud Messaging combines the power of retail text message marketing with an easy-to-use, team-oriented platform.

Why use Cloud Messaging:

  • Answer common questions with text marketing
  • Drive sales with Cloud Messaging’s retail text messaging platform
  • Grow customer loyalty with the personalized retail messaging platform
  • Manage messaging schedules
  • Integrate your websites with the Cloud Messaging API feature

If you have more questions, you can request a free trial(no credit card required). Alternatively, you can contact us if any queries!

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