My first experience creating Chatbots

This week, my first job as a UX Designer in a large company came to mind: Designing and developing a chatbot for one of the sectors of this company.

I started with a survey about the characteristics and personality that the chatbot would come to have, based on the preferences of those working in the industry. After all, it would be an internal and daily communication about any doubts that might arise on their part.

During the process, preferences were changing. One moment they wanted a robot, another moment they wanted a robot animal, and ((only)) later they decided that it would make more sense to be a human.

Another survey was carried to discover their characteristics and personalities. Four more models developed.

Which would they prefer among the 4 chatbots drawn. One was chosen, but internally it was asked for changes. “Transform it into a super hero.”

Changes made tho. And two more surveys: the first opened up for suggestions, where we filtered out the ones that would make the most sense, and the second survey, the final choice. What would the name be?


After that, I started to develop the communication part. Newsletter, presentation video, profile photo and other necessary visual documentation.

The content process and conversational practices were carried out by the sector itself directly with the developers. In other words, the most important part for a good experience, didn’t have the participation of a UX professional.

My work ended up creating the chatbot visual.

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Even though I was just an intern at the time, I should have shown the importance of my participation throughout the entire process. Today, I would do everything differently following a line of processes that actually work and improve the user experience. My strategy would be based on these 10 topics that I learned:

  1. Define a personality
  2. Heuristics
  3. Prioritize information and create conversations for each context
  4. Define requirements and userflows
  5. Application of good conversational practices
  6. Prototype
  7. Chatbot documentation
  8. Main interaction (URA and NLP)
  9. Define hypotheses, map user needs, prioritize features
  10. Create good conversational user interface practices for each type of channel

After all, that’s the idea of having a chatbot. Experience.

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