How can WhatsApp automation help grow your business for $5 per day?

WhatsApp automation with Engati

Does adding customers to your business matter to you?

Pop Quiz, which company on the planet has the most number of customers? It’s everywhere. Yeah, that’s the Ad pitch/slogan for the company. Its Visa. With 302 million customers, it’s towering above the next largest one which is Apple iTunes with 225 million customers.

Does business growth, revenue, and brand depend on the number of customers an organization has? Of course, it does. The more customers you reach the more robust is the moat you build for your business. So if your organization has to grow large and accumulate a lot of customers and build a moat that is impenetrable around your business, you need to start acquiring more customers.

The top dollar every company spends on is customer acquisition. That’s because business survival, growth, stakeholder satisfaction, and market influence are all dependent on the number of customers who use your products or services.

What do Visa and iTunes have to do with automation and your company? I’m sure you are always focused on growing your business and acquiring new customers. So how do you grow your customer base? Where do you find customers in large numbers?

As even the most traditional of businesses go digital due to the pandemic and the lockdowns, creating an interactive digital presence and getting on board with the digital economy is a do-or-die task for businesses.

How would you create amazing experiences while you move your business online, grow it to have a primary digital presence, or just expand it limitless on the digital superhighway?

Imagine having a storefront in a mall that billions of people visit and spend 38 mins in on a daily basis. Wouldn’t you like to capture that traffic by having a brand presence there?‍

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Accessing a third of humanity

There is an accessible set of almost a third of humanity on one platform that is used by 2 billion+ people and has users in 180 countries.

Here is why WhatsApp represents an opportunity for businesses to grow exponentially and leverage a platform that is used globally

  • 100 billion messages are sent daily
  • An average user uses WhatsApp for 38 mins a day
  • 600 million users downloaded it last year itself
  • WhatsApp supports 60 languages
  • The pandemic has seen usage increase by 40%

How do you leverage your business on this ubiquitous platform to acquire new customers, scale your operations and serve more customers for less? Going digital is imperative and opening your storefront on WhatsApp, leveraging automation with the WhatsApp Business API will be a very powerful way to get started on adopting digital in your business mix and you will be surprised to see Customer Acquisition Costs and Service Costs drop by 98% over traditional costs when you do so.‍

What can I do with my business on WhatsApp?

The short answer? Almost everything. When you use Engati and the WhatsApp Business API to deploy a WhatsApp bot, you can get leads, run a store, let customers order and pay for their purchases, answer customer queries, provide customer support, and much more. And guess what’s the best part?

If you sell digital products then it’s truly based on automation and absolutely no human intervention is required, artificial intelligence and machine learning would pretty much take care of everything. If you are selling non-digital products, only the fulfillment aspect of the order would need to be handled by humans.

WhatsApp for Business enables you to run your business on WhatsApp, automation platforms like Engati let you build, grow and support your store using chatbot automation with WhatsApp business tools.

If you really need to scale your store, make your presence global, and be on 24×7 not just for orders but also for queries, service requests, and customer engagement, a WhatsApp chatbot from Engati is the silver bullet you’re looking for.

What is WhatsApp automation?

WhatsApp automation is all about using intelligent WhatsApp chatbots to send automated messages to your customers and even have entire conversations with them. Companies use WhatsApp bots to interact with customers at scale, making sure that all their customers get instant replies, even outside of office hours.

It’s all about reaching your customers on the messaging apps that they prefer using, and since they open WhatsApp 23 times a day, it’s the perfect messaging app to engage your customers over.

You can even use live chat along with WhatsApp automation so that your agents can handle the complex queries that come in and your customers don’t have to shift from the bot to call your customer support team or even write an email. They can get in touch with your customer support agents right over WhatsApp without needing to change platforms, which means that you are creating a seamless experience for your customers.Instead of having to write an entire email, get on a call, or even have to load up your website and navigate through it, your customers can get all their queries answered in just a few clicks and a couple of messages when you use WhatsApp chatbot automation and live chat.‍

Can I scale my business without limits?

Yes, you can. It is automation technology so set it up once, (it comes pre-connected with the WhatsApp Business API and integrated with standard software for CRM, billing, payments, etc for you to get going quickly) and use it again and again. The most exciting part of the solution, you don’t have to ramp up hiring to manage a growing business, the platform scales as your business evolves, allowing you to automate your business processes with WhatsApp bots.

To be continued…

Now that we have gotten you interested in how organizations around the world are expanding rapidly into the WhatsApp automation space, stay tuned for our Part 2 in the series of how do you exploit a WhatsApp chatbot to your benefit at a cost factor that is peanuts compared to what you spend today.

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