How’s it like to Coexist with a Conversational AI, aka a Chatbot?

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Have you ever conversed with a chatbot before?
Well if you haven’t, you may consider trying out chatting with one.

Unless, if you don’t even realize that you have done it before and thought it was a human operator~😮

It’s alright, we’ve been there too and we’re here to tell you that chatbots are here to stay, and we’ll give you a heads up on what to expect when you’re chatting with one!

So.. first things first,

1. How do you differentiate a person and a chatbot? 🤔

a picture of a robot or chatbot talking to a guy
A chatbot talking to a person

Differentiating a chatbot from a human can be tricky at times,
a chatbot that was designed and built well will give anyone a difficult time distinguishing them.

So the most obvious thing that you can observe is how fast do they reply to you.

Yes, a human service center may reply to you fast but a chatbot will reply to you lightning-fast ⚡⚡. Seriously, they reply so fast that they can solve problems or give recommendations to you in a matter of seconds!

Take Intumit SmartRobot for example, it can reply based on the keywords that you typed in, and identify your question or inquiry, word by word. It is all thanks to the power of NLP (natural language processing) which helps it to communicate based on its machine learning algorithm.

For the sake of your time, let’s not get too technical here and focus more on how they can solve your problem. 😉

2. How can Intumit SmartRobot solve your problem?

Imagine a scenario in which you’re about to return a defective product and you’re looking for a quick answer on how to return it (assuming that the company doesn’t have a FAQ page), and you needed to wait for 5 minutes before getting a reply.

Not time-friendly at all, right? 🥺

Here’s where Intumit SmartRobot comes in!

Smart Robot is Intumit’s conversational AI chatbot
Smiling SmartRobot

A chatbot can reply and give you the most relevant answer in 5 seconds!
That reduces your waiting time by 60 fold! ⌛️

Aside from giving you a definitive answer, Intumit SmartRobot can even provide you with several suggestions that you might need or be interested in. 😄

Such as cashback policy, product swap policy, and many more. Even if a company does have a FAQ page, navigating through the website may be considered a hassle to some.

This is why a chatbot is useful for both customers and service agents. Customers will get what they need quickly and service agents can focus on resolving a more complex issue simultaneously.

In addition, there are several features that a chatbot can be equipped with. For instance, rich menu contents, carousel contents, events and data collection features, etc. Not to mention, chatbots can be found on websites, social and messaging platforms, and even in-app messaging too. 💻⌚️📱

Those are just a few of the things that Intumit SmartRobot can do.

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However, as perfect and time-saving as it sounds,
a chatbot can never replace a human agent.

That is why the coexistence between a human agent and a chatbot needs to exist. They complement each other while resolving and providing the best service to customers. 🤝

A chatbot can help with the basics, while the human agent will back them up in case a more complex issue arises.

In this case, 🤖 we have developed Intumit SmartRobot as a conversational AI that can switch between sessions with a 👥 human agent anytime a customer needs to. The human agent can also take over a conversation when sensitive words are detected, immensely reducing customer friction and improving their customer experience.

We hope that the information helps!

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