Hello, voicebot speaking. Ready to solve problems

Artificial intelligence is a greath helper, if we teach it so. (source: unsplash.com)

How AI facilitates communication between companies and their customers

Imagine having a crucial online meeting in a couple of minutes, but your internet connection refuses to work. Stressed out, you call the customer support line, and the voice, that picks up the phone introduces itself as a digital assistant…

You start losing faith in solving the problem in time. The robot, however, quickly understands your issue and provides clear instructions on how to solve it. You don’t have to repeat your questions or push any numbers for forwarding the conversation. Everything works fine in a moment.

This example is how the company call centers and technical helpdesks might look in soon future.

Headphones with microphone and notebook lying on the table.
Whenever you call for help, artificial intelligence is ready to answer (source: unsplash.com)

More than 80% of people spend more money in a company they had a positive customer experience with. And AI voice bots represent a significant step towards improving that experience. Companies and customers alike often fear that digital voice assistants are an obstacle to their relationship. But at the same time, they often overlook the many benefits of involving a voice bot in a contact center.

Close to the humanlike interaction

Digital voice assistant opens customers new ways of communication with the companies. It never sleeps, so it can solve various routine problems at any time. Additionally, there are no waiting times with voicebots because their call capacity is unlimited. When there is a mass internet connection outage, you will not get stuck on the line. And last but not least, communication with a voicebot is natural and enjoyable.

There is a reason why people often feel unsure about voicebots, and it is called the Interactive voice response (IVR) system. Communication with this predecessor of virtual assistants was slow and frustrating. Compared to it, voicebots excel in every possible way. They do not force you to push numbers, repeat weird structured questions, or wait on the line with an annoying melody playing in the background.

Old computer with an smiling emoji on the monitor.
The time of Interactive voice response system is gone (source: unsplash.com)

Artificial intelligence will first ask you to describe the problem to understand its nature. Then, if it can, it will propose a solution. The digital assistant also recognizes when it reaches the conversation dead-end. Then, instead of bombarding you with more unnecessary questions, it connects you to a qualified human operator.

The huge advantage of an AI voicebot is its ability to understand natural language. When explaining the issue, you can use your own words because the assistant is trained to understand all the related phrases. “I can’t use the internet. Our router has stopped working. The wifi is not running again.” It doesn’t matter which words you use, the voicebot will understands and proceeds to additional questions.

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Help in the times of Covid

There are even more advantages of digital voice assistants. Security is undoubtedly one of them. When someone calls bank support and requests a forgotten card pin code, human operators do not have the authority to do so. These restrictions do not apply to artificial intelligence since it will not reveal the card code to anyone but your authenticated self. Similarly, it is beneficial to use a voice bot while addressing topics such as health conditions. The digital assistant is discrete and will never make fun of your medical condition in front of his colleagues.

A sprayed warning of Coronavirus on the pavement.
Whenever we have to keep our distance, AI does not (source: unsplash.com)

In current times affected by Covid-19, other benefits of digital voice assistants have emerged. Some institutions, such as health insurance companies, face an enormous number of callers asking various questions related to the epidemic. The capacity of their helpdesk is unfortunately often limited. At that moment, the voice bot, which can learn to deal with dozens of often repeated requests quite quickly, has the opportunity to shine. It manages a variety of routine problems and saves its human colleagues lots time to deal with more complicated topics.

With all the advantages mentioned above, the development of technology towards digital voice assistants seems logical. After all, the spoken word is the most natural way people communicate their needs and desires.

Of course, artificial intelligence cannot replace human operators in every aspect of their work. But if, by any chance, you will be connected to a digital voice assistant while calling customer service, do not worry. If it was programmed to solve your problem, it will do it as good, maybe even better, than its human colleagues. If not, it will happily transfer your call to an operator who will.

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