5 Most loved Slack bots On Product Hunt

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You can do a lot with Slack tool — from tracking your customers, to keeping tabs on company finances at a glance, to getting a daily digest of top news from around the web.

In this article, you’ll find 5 of the Product Hunt community’s most loved Slack apps. We believe these apps will help you in your growth.

1. EngageWith

With EngageWith, build a stronger, healthier & happier team. Recognize your peers on your channels right inside Slack & Microsoft Teams.

Make candid appreciation a part of the way you work, celebrate wins big or small and set up customizable rewards.

2. Trivia

Play fun games together with your team in real-time inside Slack & MS Teams! Trivia is the new way to connect with your team while playing exciting quizzes and games. Get summarised results at the end of every game.

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3. Baremetrics

Send important updates from Baremetrics to your team’s Slack channels. You and your team can get daily, weekly and monthly reports on your most important metrics like MRR, LTV, User Churn and dozens more.

4. Workbot

Use Workbot across multiple teams in your company Bring the power of your apps into Slack. Eliminate the app hopping and get actual work done across all your teams and the apps they use.

5. Carrot 2.0

Remote teams communicate differently. That’s why Carrot provides more space to share longer updates, and keeps threaded comments organized so it’s easy to catch up any time. Plus, you’ll always know who saw your update. Ideal for keeping remote teams in sync.

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