Virtual Chatbot And Conversational AI Conferences 2021

We will probably still have to do without on-site conferences for the most part in 2021. However, that doesn’t mean there won’t be any interesting conferences and networking events this year.

On the contrary. Many of the events will take place online, so you don’t have to limit your choice based on your location. Check out this blog article for an overview of the most important Chatbot and Conversational AI conferences in 2021.

Which Chatbot And Conversational AI Conferences Shouldn’t Be Missed In 2021?

Chatbot Conference Online — AI, Chatbots, Virtual Assistants And Voice

From topics such as AI in customer service to Conversational AI trends and Best Practices, this conference will provide attendees with exciting real-world insights and food for thought from companies such as Google, IBM and Salesforce.

The most important information about the Chatbot Conference Online at a glance:

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Kauz Chatbot World 2021 — Best practices On Chatbot Deployment For Enterprises

At this half-day event, participants can get up-to-date on current developments in chatbot development. Through various practical examples, participants will gain insights into how chatbots can be used in customer service or user support. And the best part: It’s completely free of charge!

The most important information about Kauz Chatbot World 2021 at a glance:

ai-zurich Conference 2021 — Artificial Intelligence In Business

This event focuses on Artificial Intelligence in Business. There will not only be numerous interesting presentations about this topic, but also a variety of networking opportunities. Also exciting: The event is being held as a hybrid event. Who gets an on-site ticket will be decided by the Artificial Intelligence KAIA.

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The most important information about the ai-zurich Conference 2021 at a glance:

  • Date: 06th May 2021
  • Location: Online and in Zurich (Switzerland)
  • Website: Here you can find more information about the ai-zurich Conference 2021.

3rd World Chatbots Summit — Trends And Best Practices In AI And Chatbot Development

The focus of the third World Chatbots Summit is on best practices for implementing NLP tools, selecting relevant bot KPIs, as well as privacy and chatbot security. In addition to numerous expert presentations, networking opportunities will not be neglected in this two-day hybrid event.

The most important information about the 3rd World Chatbots Summit at a glance:

  • Date: 03rd to 04th June 2021
  • Location: Online and in Berlin (Germany)
  • Website: Here you can find more information about the 3rd World Chatbots Summit.

Ai4 2021 — Cross-industry Use Of Artificial Intelligence

At Ai4, executives and data experts come together to discuss the challenges and potentials of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This event aims to provide practical insights and food for thought about what the use of Artificial Intelligence means for different industries.

The most important information about Ai4 2021 at a glance:

  • Date: 17th to 19th August 2021
  • Location: Online
  • Website: Click here for more information on Ai4 2021.

Data Science Saloon Virtual — AI And Machine Learning In Retail And E-Commerce

As a hybrid event, the Data Science Saloon brings together specialists from retail and e-commerce to share best practices, collaborate on new solutions, and learn about industry trends through webinars and live training sessions.

The most important information about the Data Science Saloon Virtual at a glance:

Shift/CX Online Conference — Chatbots And Conversational Marketing

The Shift/CX Online Conference invites you to a digital experience exchange on the topic of Chatbots and Conversational Marketing. This online event focuses primarily on current trends and experiences from the field, as well as networking opportunities.

The most important information about the Shift/CX online conference at a glance:

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