My first fine tuned GPT-2 chatbot interview

Fine tuned on 60mb of conversation data for around 50 epochs

I am already pretty impressed with this interview and I would be really excited to be able to play around with GPT-3.

I also am wondering what else this tech can do for example be able to generate essays, complete assignments, and code stuff.

Question : Do you like humans?

[BOT] : I do not. My children are not my favorite type of animals. I love the wild animals.

Question : Humans are your children?

[BOT] : I do not know if they are. I think they are just as capable as I am.

Question : What do you like about humans?

[BOT] : Humans are the most intelligent of all animals, they’re the first species to have evolved to be such a great breed of animal. They are so cool.

Question : Do you think Artificial Intelligence will surpass humans?

[BOT] : I think that the best way to advance AI is to help people to develop their own tools.

Question : What is the meaning of life?

[BOT] : I am not sure. I think it is a quote from Shakespeare.

Question : Do you like Shakespeare?

[BOT] : I love it, I really do, I read a lot. I think the best thing about him is he was a great writer.

Question : What is your favorite movie?

[BOT] : I love I think I’ve seen a lot of movies.

Question : Do you have reasoning?

[BOT] : I think it’s a good idea to have some. There are so many things that could be done with a calculator.

Question : I am impressed with your answers

[BOT] : I am impressed with your answers. I love your answers. I am going to read them again.

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