How Chatbots and Email Marketing Integration Can Help Your Business

Do you know you can increase your marketing results by integrating chatbots and email marketing? In this guide, we have discussed 5 strategies for the same.

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Email marketing and chatbots have their own advantages and can help you achieve different marketing and business goals.

But, what if you integrate these to get better results from both?

Well, email marketing and chatbots integration is not just possible but is a strategy that many smart marketers use.

These two complement each other perfectly and either can be used to boost the other’s performance.

Email marketing is one of the key website traffic sources and once the users reach your website, chatbots can help them with whatever they’re looking for.

Alternatively, chatbots can collect relevant user information to fuel your email marketing campaigns.

This is a well-balanced loop where both can help to improve the other and work hand-in-hand to deliver better user experiences.

Want to learn how to use email marketing and chatbots integration to your advantage?

Here are some of the ways in which email marketing and chatbots integration can be done to get you better results from both.

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Use Chatbots to Generate Leads for Email Marketing

The simplest way to integrate chatbots and email marketing is to use chatbots to generate leads by collecting email addresses for email marketing.

Chatbots can ask your website visitors to provide their email addresses by offering some incentives.

For example, you can train your chatbot to ask for a user’s email address at the end of a conversation. The incentive can be that they will get personalized offers and discounts, stay updated on the latest content on your website, etc.

Chatbots can also ask for your email address to get you in touch with the company’s team or to provide better assistance.

Here’s an example of a simple chatbot conversation where the chatbot collects email addresses in the natural flow of the conversation.

Image via GetJenny

This is a simple, yet effective way to generate leads for email marketing while still providing good user experience.

This kind of email marketing and chatbot integration can add a new source of lead generation for your business.

Moreover, leads collected this way are already qualified because these are your website visitors who engaged with the chatbot.

You can even create customer satisfaction surveys using the chatbot and receive the response on email.

So, they have already shown some interest in your business and are ready to be nurtured further.

Create Segmented Email Lists Using Chatbots

Chatbots collect useful user data and insights that can help you segment your email lists according to different parameters. You could, for instance, use demographics like age, gender, etc. to segment your email lists. You can also take this a notch higher and create segmented email lists based on past purchase history and user preferences.

With chatbots, this can happen in real-time. Chatbots can collect this information and segment each use to the most relevant email lists. They can send this user data to your email marketing platform and also to specific mailing lists.

This increases the effectiveness of your email campaigns multifold as you can then create personalized emails for people in different lists.

Leverage Insights From Chatbot Conversations to Personalize Your Emails

Adding to the previous point, insights gained about a user from chatbots are helpful in personalizing your emails. It is not just limited to segmented email lists but can be extended further by personalizing emails on an individual level.

Chatbots are trained to ask specific questions to users, to provide them with personalized product recommendations and tips. This valuable user data is stored in chatbots’ past conversations logs and can be put to good use by using it for sending personalized emails.

Imagine, a user buys a product based on a chatbot’s recommendation and you send an email with similar product recommendations that the user might be interested in.

Given that they have already made a purchase, they would be more likely to purchase again if you show them things that they might like.

Sending personalized emails like these can help you engage your audience and encourage repeat purchases. This means that email marketing and chatbots integration should also be one of your ecommerce sales strategies for 2020.

Chatbots have a treasure trove of data waiting to be utilized, you simply need email marketing and chatbots integration to unlock its true potential.

Send Reminders Using Chatbots to Prompt People to Read Your Emails

This is a fairly unique and lesser-known way in which email marketing and chatbot integration can help your business. You can use chatbots to send reminders to people who have not yet opened your emails.

Most advanced chatbots have the option to send push notifications to users. This feature can be leveraged to send a reminder notification for unopened emails, thus improving your email open rates.

Automate Your Emails by Integrating Chatbots with Email Marketing

Many advanced AI chatbots have the option to send automated email notifications as a response to certain triggers. You can decide what these triggers are and what message needs to be sent when the chatbot is triggered.

For example, let’s say that a new user has signed up for your emails and provided their contact details to the chatbot. The chatbot can use this as a trigger and send an automated welcome or thanks for subscribing email notification to the user. It can also send an automated email to your team informing them that a new user has signed up.

This image from the Landbot chatbot builder clearly shows how this unique email marketing and chatbot integration can be achieved.

Image via Landbot


By using chatbots in email marketing you can take your marketing performance to a new high. Chatbots perfectly complement email marketing and can help you create better, more targeted, and personalized email campaigns.

You can use email marketing to drive traffic to your website and let chatbots handle the lead nurturing and conversion part. Or, you can collect email addresses using chatbots and then use emails to engage and nurture the leads.

Either way, email marketing and chatbots integration can be beneficial in generating more leads, nurturing them, and driving sales conversions. Use these five tips for seamless email marketing and chatbot integration for your business.

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