How Amazon’s voice technologies can assist your company with Alexa for Business

Amazon Echo device

For the last decades, the way people interact and communicate with each other keeps changing nearly every day. We have reached the point where customers are oriented towards Amazon Alexa devices and their companions to acquire the services they need.

The same thing is happening with companies who offer services to their customers directly.

The way they communicate with their customers and offer their services has changed drastically over two decades.

From giant printed banners to Radio publicity, it would later change to TV commercials. Then the Smartphones’ era came to be, all along with phone payments, commercial websites, online payments.

Nowadays, it is common for a business to advertise on social media, and the channels are growing.

Now the era of voice technologies has come, and new tools for reaching customers are Amazon Alexa devices and Alexa for Business.

There are two ways you can use Amazon Alexa services in your business:

  1. Amazon Alexa for business to improve your business’s internal processes.
  2. Amazon Alexa for business to improve your income.

Why is using Alexa for Business so important?

Alexa for Business, as the name states, is a tool made for businesses to use and work with Alexa in the workplace.

It is a set of management tools, APIs to mix with existing IT infrastructure and the Amazon Echo devices. Amazon offers these services using Web Services, dedicated to corporate customers.

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Maintaining an entire ecosystem of Echo devices is difficult when using them for a home, while for enterprise customers is way more complicated.

For example, there is a specific setup needed for devices or rooms with a typical configuration. The easy part, however, is that it is required only once.

Suppose you intend to use such devices within your Company. In that case, it can help you set up meetings, reminders, calls you need to make, and complete simple actions like reordering supply for your office, sending materials for printing. And all of these are just some of the simple tasks Alexa for Business can perform. All that is needed is to place Amazon Alexa devices in crucial locations in your offices. Premises where the employees are most likely to need and use them.

Alexa for Business can help your business run more productively, effortlessly, and efficiently.

How to use Amazon Alexa for Business to develop your Company

While Alexa for Business can improve your company’s work internally, using Amazon Alexa for business means using it to improve the service or product you offer to your customers as well.

Here are some examples of companies that have used Amazon Alexa to grow their connection with their audience and clients:

  1. ICICI Bank, one of India’s largest private banks, has launched voice applications with the two leading platforms of the moment: Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The purpose of voice applications is to allow its customers to enjoy a range of banking services with a simple voice command.
  2. West Virginia State Office created their own Alexa Skill to bring institutions closer to their citizens. Everyone in this state that owns Amazon Alexa devices can use it. West Virginia government created this voice application to answer a wide range of questions about its services.
  3. With their Nutella Creations Alexa Skill, Nutella includes guides and recipes for using Nutella in a variety of breakfast menus.
  4. Toyota’s Skill for Amazon Alexa allows a new way to interact with your car. Activate the skill, connect it to your Toyota account, and start the fun. Put or remove the safety at the doors and ask for the fuel level. And much more, accessible from your Amazon Alexa devices or the Alexa app on your smartphone.

We can add other businesses, but these examples show us how limitless Amazon Alexa is for Business development and how crucial for profit.

The companies mentioned above come from different industries and with no relation to each other.

These companies did not wait for some of their competitors to first succeed with an Alexa Skill. They saw this new technology’s potential, used Amazon Alexa for Business purposes, and got closer to their customers.

Each skill has different features, but all with the same goal: to lure customers and potential customers closer to them. Making it easier to approach and know your Business, buy from your Business, and dialogue with your Business. This way, your brand will be accessible to every possible customer on their Amazon Alexa devices.

If you want to build your first Alexa Skill but don’t know how to do it and where to start, the solution is simple: Ipervox.

Ipervox is an online platform that allows you to build Alexa Skills in some simple steps, test and publish it. Ipervox will enable you to grow your business and your connection with your audience.

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