Personalized Marketing With Chatbots in 2021

Chatbots, the saviors during the pandemic which helped companies to automate their customer support and marketing are still making headlines in the business world.

Thanks to its limitless use cases and benefits, they have come a long way from just a replacement for quick replies to automating the entire marketing operations, cutting costs and increasing revenue, helping the customers to get a better and more fun experience and a lot more.

The last few years and especially the last few months have witnessed high adoption of chatbots into the business world with an estimation of $5 billion being invested in it.

Personalized chatbots are making their ways into every brand, and here’s why you should use them too:

Personalize User Experience With Chatbots

While in general, a chatbot’s answers are only based on their pre-programmed conversational flow for all kind of users.

However personalizing chatbots makes them capable to understand the customers, ask questions like a human, enabling them to sense patterns, and a lot more to determine every customer’s interests and gives relevant suggestions. Hence, filling the gap between a brand and its customers. Making the interaction for customers with chatbot a lot more humane than just another boring bot conversation.

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“As the experience is taken care of at a personal level, it may also increase the conversion rates. Bonus!”

Generate Leads, Drive Engagement

Chatbots are extremely useful and valuable for generating and driving leads, as they offer a way to interact with customers at scale, answer their queries instantly, simplify product discovery, guide through, and add suggestions.

Nobody wants to talk to a robot that understands nothing, do you?

Chatbots are good at serving customers, however, personalizing a chatbot with graphical and humanoid elements makes them better at doing their job. Also, it makes them capable to serve every human engagement in different ways. If your conversational flow is personalized and knows how to interact with every lead, it makes a lot of difference.

A personalized chatbot can offer users a better experience with its “personalized conversational messages and graphics”, which can be a sales magnet for your business. If you can connect with users and sync with their thoughts, you can easily alter the nature of a conversation. As a result of it, you may see users who were not planning to make a purchase initially turn out to give you good business.

The only challenge that you may face in getting such results is designing a good conversational flow. For that, you can use personalized marketing tools, there are many out there offering chatbot integration.

“Reports show that a customer engages at least 30% more with the brand, and spends 20% — 40% more time on the platform if the chatbot sounds like a human to them.”

Get “Even” Better ROI

Chatbots are indeed a kind of expensive sometimes. However, when we see the long-term benefits and the returns on investments, it indisputably gives better numbers.

Every 6 of 10 enterprises agree that chatbots may come at a high expense initially, (which can be ignored) but if we look at how much it improves customer engagement, lead generation process, user experience, and e-commerce optimization, they worth every bit of it.

With personalized conversational flow in a chatbot (that offers seamless and human-like responses to every customer) can make users almost feel bot as a human. It helps businesses to acquire customers smoothly at lower costs. Additionally, this also reduces the costs related to business operations, marketing, and customer retention.

Get Customer Analytics & Insights

Probably the biggest advantage of having a chatbot over humans is that it gives the inside access to a customer’s thoughts and behaviors using data.

Over the time of operation, chatbots interact with many customers from different backgrounds and collect respective data for the same. The same data can be analyzed to have insights and determine the customer behavior and use that to optimize the conversational flow to improve personalization.

Designing a conversational flow takes a lot of effort, especially if it is designed for personalizing a chatbot. Every message, image, animated banner, and video you are creating for it should have the capability to deliver the right message and engage the audience. It may take hours to design personalized flows, but it is worth every minute.

Enhance The Shopping Experience

Reports show that 8 out of 10 new online shoppers require additional support for making purchases. These may range between navigating through the website, explaining the various products, checking out, making payments, checking the order and delivery status, etc. Hence, guiding these new customers becomes the priority.

Personalized chatbots act as a shopping guide for these new customers. It not only helps them but also acts as if they are a companion, understand customers, and suggest products, and this makes customers more likely to engage and purchase.

Create & Build Brand Loyalty

If we follow reports, every 5 in 10 persons say they will purchase again from a brand that treats them well.

Since personalized chatbots act as actual human begins, enhances a customer’s shopping experience, solve their queries, it creates a good impression within a customer’s mind and develops a relationship with the customer.

And nothing makes customers happier than being valued high, and this instantly makes them loyal to a brand for the fact it treated the person well.

Wrapping Up!

Chatbots help to generate and convert leads, enhance the shopping experience, personalize the experience, get inside data, create loyalty, and a hell of a lot more!

It offers so many benefits that it becomes hard to count. And on top of that, it also collects and provides tons of data to the business owners that paves the way and makes the room for future development for the business.

If you are not leveraging personalized chatbots to make get sales out of it yet in today’s world, you are making a mistake and missing out on an enormous opportunity.

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