AI is Revolutionizing the Mobile App Industry in 2021 — Here’s How

AI is Revolutionizing the Mobile App Industry in 2021 — Here’s How


AI is involved in almost every sector now, including the mobile app industry. Right from chatbots, in-room virtual assistants, and customized search options to automation in processes, everything is under the radar of AI. The amalgamation of AI and the mobile app industry has improved customer engagement, personalized guest experience, and boosted conversion rates.

For instance, ‘Google Flights’ was initiated predicting the delays in the flights, even before the airlines, and that’s how AI is helping the world. This is just one example of Artificial Intelligence.

Besides, this indulgence of AI has enhanced the user’s experience, be it comfort or quality. AI, in fact, is a suitable solution for today’s competitive market. Trendsetters are pioneering new features in the mobile app almost every day.

AI has Revolutionized Mobile App Industry

Even Statista has reported that by 2025 the worldwide market worth of AI is going to cross $89 billion.

The mobile app industry is one of the most flourishing industries across the world. Besides, the indulgence of AI has led this industry to enhance business growth and user engagement.

AI allows understanding customer’s behavior and then utilizing their behavior to deliver customized solutions for utmost satisfaction.

AI has taken Mobile App Revolution to Next Level

AI has an astonishing effect on the mobile app industry in 2021, and even before. This entire collaboration of AI and the mobile app industry has led developers to integrate more of Artificial Intelligence and its substitutes in the apps.

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Why mobile industry uses AI?

New inventions in the mobile app industry generate crucial concerns too. The complexity in the mobile app industry when becomes excruciating, AI steps in for the assistance. AI is a smart technology that fixes such crucial concerns, decreasing the gap between businesses and users.

Artificial Intelligence in the mobile app industry has functioned miraculously. It delivers proper insights, daily reports, and tools to attain the desired output. That is an amazing option for both the users and the business, as businesses get what helps them grow and users get customized experience; hence both users and businesses feel content.

How AI Revolutionizes Mobile App Industry — The Reality

There are different ways of how AI revolutionizes the mobile app industry. Let’s see how it does:

1. Customization of Mobile Apps

Since AI has begun to lead the mobile app industry, everybody has witnessed massive growth in the industry. The personalization of mobile apps has become such an easy task now. AI has literally transformed how users utilize mobile apps. Today, mobile apps are much more engaging and interactive than ever before.

Have you heard about ‘Netflix?’ — A well-known streaming platform that utilizes AI to recommend programs to the users. This streaming platform via AI records the user’s preferences and even records past views. What helps AI in recording everything on Netflix is ‘ML in AI.’

Machine Learning is an integral part of Artificial Intelligence, which helps in understanding the user’s preferences. It helps in knowing what customers really like so that their experience of watching programs on Netflix can be enhanced. That’s the effectiveness of AI; it can customize things, and do it well for the users. AI and the mobile app industry together have created a buzz in the whole industry. AI customizes the whole experience of the users by delivering them customized solutions. That simply means better customer satisfaction and engagement.

The deep-rooted techniques of Artificial Intelligence assist businesses in understanding the customers. That, probably, is the best task businesses could do to grow and enhance their business and user experience.

2. Enhances Sales

Knowing in advance what really is trending in the market, what customers are expecting, and what will really work in a specific industry is partial success achieved.

Businesses appreciate the indulgence of AI in the mobile industry. For a very long time, most of the companies and salesmen have been unable to identify and that is ‘manage the demand.’

The mobile app industry is changing rapidly. We have seen this industry revolutionizing like never before. And, with the indulgence of AI in this industry, we are able to see massive growth in this sector.

AI tied to your mobile app, one can seamlessly identify the actual demands for a specific product. This technology helps in understanding what will work for this particular industry.

Businesses know how tough it is to know what customers want. With AI, you get a glimpse of what your customers want, and that’s the half battle done in any business.

Forecasting the demand for any product in any business, be it the mobile industry or any other is pretty difficult. However, AI helps you in getting an idea of what customers are actually looking for, which is a big factor in winning their hearts later on with the right product.

AI, for products that are already in the market, helps in figuring out the sales figures. It even understands why the sale of a particular product has happened. Besides, AI and its components even help in knowing how that sale really converted.

When you know how the sale of existing products works, you can increase sales. Besides, for the new products, you can analyze the trends of the product a few days before finally understanding the demand for the products.

3. Boosted Search Experience

With lesser high-quality keywords, it is easier for online stress and businesses to offer results that match the needs of the user. The keyword analysis should be so high-quality that even if the user types the wrong spelling of any keyword, it should be able to deliver the right results.

For this, you will need Artificial Intelligence. Now, let’s suppose, someone, misspell the name of your app on the store. If there is no indulgence of AI in the mobile app industry, it would not suggest the original app name until and unless users type it. Alternatively, if the app owner has invested in AI, then even if the user misspells the app name, it would show the app name right there on the top.

AI is more aware of search behavior and methods. The idea of utilizing AI in the mobile industry would help users in getting refined searches, better search results, and even higher customer engagement. The motive behind using AI in the mobile app industry is to ensure that the user is not disengaged from the app, deliver the results that customers want to see, and even display the right results when the wrong keywords have been inserted.

4. Face Unlock Feature with Security

The face unlock feature was initially introduced by ‘Apple,’ in 2017. Now, the feature can be seen in almost every other smartphone. The reason is the customers demand higher and better security now.

Even mobile apps come with a face recognition feature for extra security of the users. Users can unlock their smartphones and even mobile apps using the face unlock feature, and that’s how AI has enhanced the mobile app industry. People needed better security, be it for their smartphones or the mobile apps they want to use. AI delivered the same to them.

Since every smartphone has utilized this feature, they know how to secure their phones or apps after using the ‘face unlock feature.’ Basically, the technology wants the user’s face from different angles, so that there is no issue unlocking the phone later on. Nowadays, smartphones can even detect user’s faces both in bright and dim lighting, which is even better for the users.

Hence, the customers in the mobile app industry are looking for safety. And, AI utilization for enhancing mobile apps with features like ‘face unlock feature’ makes the users feel safer and more comfortable using smartphones now. That results in higher customer engagement and satisfaction, resulting in better business and growth.

5. Upgraded User Satisfaction

Mobile app businesses encounter thousands of inquiries every day. However, all being of the same nature, it is a bit easier for the business owner to offer a solution for the same. There are cases when customers do come with new queries too. In that case, a special agent is assigned to the user.

Generally, AI offers solutions that automate the processes like chatbots, which is just an apt solution for users who want instant replies to their queries. We all have seen how chatbots work. It helps customers or users in getting instant replies to their queries. Nowadays, almost every company relies on chatbots, and the reason is obvious. Customers as well the businesses are loving the quick solutions offered by this technology.

In the mobile app business, the queries are not limited to a certain time. Since users can use the app anytime, businesses have to be ready with the solutions. Their queries have to be resolved so that the customers are not distracted by other substitutes in the market.

Mobile app businesses rely on mobile apps and websites to make food ordering an easy experience for the customers. Besides, the indulgence of AI has enhanced the overall experience of the users.

6. Detection of Fraud

Security plays an important role in the mobile app industry. In any case, your clients feel they are not secure at your site or app, there is barely any chance that customers are going to stick to your business.

Secure systems relieve customers that their information is safe with them. The problems are easy to detect and chances of fraud are scarcer. So, to make your platform secure and keep customers safe, it is vital to invest in AI, so that frauds can be detected easily and fixed as soon as possible.

Any chances of fraud will minimize with the integration of AI. A proper indulgence of AI will help in keeping your system secure and your customers relieved about the safety of their information and data. Every transaction made by the customer will be super safe, and that’s what they are looking for when investing in your mobile app.

7. AI Combined with IoT

Internet of Things (IoT) helps in collecting real-time data. So, now when you combine IoT with AI, it delivers extraordinary performance. When both the technologies are combined, it allows different mobiles to communicate with each other properly.

AI, in mobiles, collects the real-time data generated by IoT, so that the devices don’t have any trouble operating and learning on their own. Hence, every piece of information is utilized in the best possible way when IoT is combined with AI.

So, when we integrate this magnificent combination of both the technologies i.e., AI and IoT, it helps in enhancing the overall communication amongst the devices, which is a must-have when you are managing and operating in the mobile app industry.

The need is to utilize both these technologies as smartly as you can to generate the results. Hence, you can expect hassle-free communication and better customer engagement, when you have integrated the combination of both the IoT and AI in the mobile app industry.

The Takeaway Message

AI has managed to leave an outstanding impression in the mobile app industry since its inception. Both the AI and the mobile app industry is expanding, and the complications in the processes are also increasing.

Hence, to ensure the mobile app industry works well in 2021 and ahead, it is mandatory to invest in AI so that the revolution continues. The power of AI is incredible, the need is to utilize it properly to maintain constructive growth in the coming years as well.

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