3 Purpose Chatbot Types For Business Growth In 2021

There are several new ideas arising from the emergence of artificial intelligence, and certainly, this cannot be denied. In chatbots, the sharp use of AI is itself a major achievement because you have ever found that in terms of features, interface, purpose, and more, the two or more chatbot styles are never the same. Isn’t it an achievement that two or more working under the same system are not the? However, I will be discussing the top 3 purpose chatbot types that shall be the best to look upon for maximum business growth in 2021.

1. Support Chatbots:

Support chatbots are programmed to master a single domain, such as company information. It is important for these chatbots to have character, multi-turn functionality, and context awareness. They should be able to walk a customer through some major business processes and answer a broad range of FAQ-type questions. You would want to have a short-tail and long-tail combo solution when developing this chatbot type.

This chatbot functionality is not limited to support areas, but it can also manage ticket booking and scheduling. Tickets such as flight status check, book price, slots, scheduling, etc.

If you own an e-commerce business then support chatbots are the right solution for you, because it provides on a personal level development of the customer relationship. Also, solving the queries for cart abandonment.

2. Skills Chatbots:

These are usually more single-turn-type bots. They set commands which they can easily obey, such as “close the window” or “play Ed Sheeran’s song for me.” Speech functionality is suggested for this type of chatbot so that the user does not need to turn on a screen or click any buttons.

They can quickly follow commands so that users can do multitasking while dealing with the bot. These chatbots do not need to worry too much about contextual awareness unless you want to create a highly advanced one, as people can easily learn what to say and say it correctly.

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Did you know which industries are gaining from chatbots? The finance, healthcare, education, travel, and real estate industries. Also, roughly 80% of the businesses are projected to integrate some form of chatbot system by 2021.

3. Assistant Chatbots:

Assistant chatbots are a middle ground chatbots, more or less, between the two chatbots types above. They do better when they know a little bit about a variety of subjects. Many individuals hope that these bots will one day become navigators like all the other bots that are out there now.

Siri is a fine, modern example. While she just does so much and in virtual assistants she is phenomenal, individuals continuously ask her for things simply because even though she does not perform the order, the response she gives seems to be humorous.

When companies implement automation strategies correctly, they can increase sales and brand awareness while saving time, effort, and money. Chatbots take on the responsibility for time-consuming, recurring tasks. They make communicating with consumers, adding value, and delivering better customer experiences simpler and easier.

So, get your one purpose chatbot today!

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