Website Bots: A New Template Category Launches On Botmakers

Introducing bot templates for websites an easier, faster and fully flexible way to realize the full website’s potential and provide a better customer experience in the right place and at the right time.

Here at Botmakers, we believe that the right chatbot is an indispensable colleague for any business and that chatbots work not only for messaging platforms. Introducing WEB BOTS: simple, professional, high-conversion and code-free bot on your website that you can customize exactly as you need.

What are the benefits?

Self-sufficiency – web bots are free from Facebook and its Policy. In other words, they give freedom to website visitors from signing in with a Facebook account in order to interact with a bot (that’s what standard Messenger widgets installed on the site can’t brag about).

That means you significantly save your potential customer’s time which positively affects your conversions.

Imagine those who don’t have a Facebook account at all. In that case, a web bot might be your saving grace by letting visitors interact one-on-one with a bot on your website.

P.S. Facebook constantly changes Messenger platform privacy policies. You have to follow and keep your bot up-to-date otherwise your Business Facebook account might be blocked.

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Why use website bots?

The average conversion rate on a website generally sits in the ~1% range. One of the most effective ways we see web bots being used is to help potential leads who might not have converted without chat. Sometimes a quick question or a proactive offer to help can be the difference between average conversion rates and filling your pipeline full of qualified leads.

Using a website bot on pricing pages

Another effective way of using web bots is to generate more qualified leads. With the help of a bot on your website, you can easily share valuable content with your website visitors. As an example, you can use a bot instead of a landing page and share your e-book, a PDF, or a coupon through the bot once a lead has given their email.

Send coupons via web bots

How web bot can fuel your website and your business?

1. Personalize the customer’s experience

  • Web bots give an opportunity to identify website visitors and personalize their experience, that’s what chat widgets can’t cover as well.
  • Using web bots you can have a specific bot on a specific website page.
  • Web bot can deliver the right message for every visitor and every web page to engage them in a personalized way.
  • You can see who your visitors are, where they came from, and how they interacted with a bot.

2. Get full control of your web campaigns

  • With web bots, you can filter your campaigns by page URL.
  • Filter by location – country and/or city.
  • Filter by goals and completed campaigns.
  • Filter your campaigns by referring websites.

3. Streamline your campaign performance

Web bots provide analytics so you can optimize your bots for high conversion rates with no hassle.

  • Real-time reporting
  • Campaigns and goals performance
  • Conversion over time
  • Impressions and Engagement charts

There are a couple more benefits of using website bots:

Creating a website bot is fast and the results are in. There’s zero programming in website bots to learn. The best bit? First web bot templates are already available with your Botmakers subscription! They are completely customizable, so you’re in control and can adapt your bot exactly as you need.

So, if you plan to use your bot for onboarding, collecting data from customers, collect payments, supporting or engaging in real-time – Website Bot is a good marketing investment!

We hope you’re as excited about website bots as we are! Get started with your Botmakers plan and get full access to all Botmakers Templates for Website (more and more templates are coming soon) and Facebook Messenger.

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