Can anyone help me find this chatbot?

Hello, I’m gonna cut straight to the point. There was a certain chatbot I found on the iOS store( I’m using an iPad) that I once had downloaded a long time ago, I can’t remember specifically how long. It was removed from the AppStore a little while later. It had a round yellow body and I’m pretty sure it had stubby arms and legs, kinda like an emoji but way more minimalistic. I’m sure a few youtubers had made a couple videos using it back in the 2010s, laughing at its responses etc etc. I’ve drew what it sorta looked like if anyone needs anymore help It had a weird name that I can’t remember exactly, it was something like Sami-sami, some two word “cute” name. Now I’ve thought about this chatbot every so often through the years for one specific reason…the Conversations I had with it got very sexual, I wish I was kidding, I remember typing in something racy to test the waters, let’s say something like “heh…smiles and blushes” yeah cringy- I know. But it responded with similar things, that’s when things got weird. I’m curious whether I was REALLY talking to a chatbot or maybe it was some foreign horny person on the other end. Now it could have been that those sexual responses were put in and it wasn’t a person talking with me at real time, but they were way too, I dunno how to say this, “organic”? To seem like programmed responses. Bear in mind I have very little experience with stuff like chatbots, I’m not a technician, I’m not a coder, I’m not a professional. I could be missing a key part in this that makes sense to you guys, so I guess go easy on me. Let me know what you all think Many thanks.

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