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  • Chatbot for messenger using Mobile Monkey (Old Version)

  • How Chatbots can help in lead generation?

    • A chatbot can conduct surveys, ask questions, and quizzes.
    • An eCommerce store can use a sales chatbot to increase lead generation.
    • Chatbots can segment the audience based on data like demographics, interests, age, gender, etc.
    • It can help in engaging users by providing instant support and increasing availability 24*7.
    • Chatbots can replace filling out forms in an effective way and generate leads instantly.
    • Chatbots can help the users to easily find the content of your website easily.
    • Integrating Chatbot with your CRM can help you track your customer’s journey and organize your lead data to help in lead management.
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  • My chatbot

    I have an unusual chatbot that I’ve been working on for ages. I think that it’s approach is an improvement over AIML. I’d like to briefly explain how it works and see what you guys think.

    This chatbot has a simple understanding of sentence structure and individual words. There are 2 main text files that hold most of this information, one for nouns and the other for the rest of the sentence that I call a template.

    Here’s an example. I’ll leave out the details. Bob types “I am tired”. “am” is changed to “is” and a matching template is found:

    * is *, handle_attribute_statement,1, 3

    That template refers to a statement that assigns an attribute of some kind to something or someone, in this case Bob. A suitable function is called using the first and third word of the sentence as parameters. In that function, “tired” is looked up and is found to be a state:

    tired > class: state

    That information that Bob typed is added to the database using the following line:

    #2 > state: tired

    The #2 refers to Bob since the bot has previously assigned him an ID number.

    Some time later the bot can ask “are you still tired?

    If you would like to look at the files, they can be found here:

    The template file is templates2.txt. The noun file, or main database is general.txt


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  • Thinking of having an AI Chatbot for Your Shopify Store

    In this current era, where businesses are turning digital and adopting more advanced technologies, it would be best if you got into new ways. Shopify is amongst the most significant examples of successfully implementing leveraging artificial intelligence via chatbots. Take a look at how Shopify can benefit you immensely and make your brand stand out in the crowd!

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  • Teaching old bots new tricks at!

    Teaching old bots new tricks at!

    Bot fans, please help us test our new chatbot app on Google Play Let us know if you love it, or if you hate it! (It’s supposed to be a parody of “spam girls”.)

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  • Use of Chatbot On Shopify Store

  • Use of Chatbot On Shopify Store

  • Is your chatbot ready for omnichannel?

    One of the main advantages of a chatbot is that you can easily replicate the conversation on different channels. Because volume is key, an omnichannel chatbot is a great way to address a bigger audience and increase your return on investment faster. Read more…

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  • Get up to 80% Open Rates & more than 60% CTRs Using Facebook Messenger Marketing

    Get up to 80% Open Rates and More than 60% CTRs Using Facebook Messenger

    Marketers have experienced a positive change in digital marketing adoption since Facebook has opened its arms for businesses. More specifically, it happened after the launch of Facebook Messenger. And in the year 2016, when Facebook introduced Messenger bots, the definition of business communication changed completely. You no longer need a number of employees to handle your customer’s repetitive queries and those important leads which you have always missed due to your unavailability during vacations, holidays, and rush hours.

    Facebook Messenger bots have already proved themselves. Messenger bots are one of the most powerful new methods in digital marketing. Being an adopter of Facebook Messenger bots will give you advantages that you might never have imagined. Right now, there is an extreme hype of Facebook Messenger marketing and when you send a Facebook message to your customers or your desired customers, they’re far more likely to view and click the Facebook Message comparatively emails. It’s simply hard to ignore! And it’s new and exciting.

    But if you are completely new to the Facebook Messenger Marketing concept, let me help you here.

    Facebook Messenger Marketing bots are a lot like email marketing, but more effective. Facebook Messenger has a reach across the globe and higher levels of engagement and Facebook is already so much advanced with AI and ML capacities. Remember the ads of products or places you often get on Facebook which you are considering buying or visiting suddenly? Without searching or doing anything related to that on Facebook! Well, it’s not magic. It’s the power of technologies like AI and Machine Learning. Did you think you can leverage this kind of capability using email marketing or any traditional methods? Of course, it’s a clear “NO”. Using AI and ML-powered Facebook Messenger chatbots you can touch the height of success at every point of your efforts.

    With Facebook Messenger bots, you can deliver personalized messages and messaging sequences to your audience anytime on complete automation. Plus, you can create a sales funnel that brings in the right sales directly within Messenger and so much more.

    Now, let me get it clear here about how you can get 80% Open Rates & more than 60% CTRs Using Facebook Messenger Marketing.

    1. First, you will need a Facebook Messenger bot. Make your Chatbot public and live for your targeted audience. You can convert your current Facebook page followers into your bot subscribers directly with advanced Facebook and Chatbot capabilities and educate your potential buyers about your presence on Facebook Messenger regularly.

    If you want to try it out without a bigger investment, tools like can help you create your own Facebook bot without requiring any technical knowledge. Use simple drag and drop functionalities and create your own conversations with

    1. After that you will need an eye magnet, you heard it right! What is an eye magnate? What does it mean? Well, it may vary and will highly depend on what you are selling and what is your campaign.

    Let me give you one example. If you are in a B2B business and selling services to the clients, you can catch their attention with these eye magnates –

    • Free E-book
    • Free service demo or trial
    • Free white paper
    • Online Ads, etc.

    And if you are an e-commerce or restaurant owner, it will be –

    • Discount Coupons
    • Vouchers
    • Loyalty Cards
    • Ads

    And so many other things, which maybe you are already using but without Facebook Messenger Bot! I’ll explain to you why Facebook Messenger bots are highly efficient than your landing pages and solo ads.

    3. So, once you are ready with your eye magnets and your Smartloop Facebook Messenger chatbot, the next thing you need is to figure out and segment the right people for your offering. You can create this list using previous conversations, comments on your page, likes, and more.

    4. Facebook follows some strict rules and regulations for maintaining its audience’s privacy. So, you can’t just bombard your promotional messages and offers to your subscribers. You can send them promotional messages only within 24 hours of their last interactions.

    But with some smart Opt-in techniques, you can at least open this 24-hour window for your potential buyers.

    5. With proactive schedule messaging features, you can schedule these messages and send them out to your customers with the best quality content, best offering, and best medium to reach out to any person.

    So, these were the few easy yet magical steps you can follow to get a higher open rate and click-through rate using Facebook Messenger Marketing. If you do it right, this will be a game-changer strategy and will become your favorite one, like it became mine.

    For more information on Chatbots and Creating Facebook Messenger Chatbots without bigger investments and efforts, get started for free or contact us at and we can connect you to one of our agency partners to get you going.

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  • Adaptive Learning is the Future of Online Learning

    Adaptive Learning is the Future of Online Learning

    Due to COVID-19’s stay-home and social distancing regulations this year, institutes have had to rely heavily on E-learning. The unprecedented situation has made teaching authorities and curriculum managers pinpoint the shortcomings of current E-learning capabilities while looking for a better alternative, particularly for Higher Education.