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How to Target Your Customers Using a Chatbot and Message Broadcasting

Chatbots are a new way to automate customer service but it is also an excellent vehicle to engage/re-engage your customers and do push marketing (a.k.a. Broadcast) to increase your sales.

Chatbots powered by AI is by far the best sales automation tool you can find. They capture the most important piece of information about your users via a Conversational User Interface (CUI). You are not only getting the basic demographic information of your customers but most importantly their preferences and interests that are essential for any product to improve and shine.

FMCG chatbot demo built with Smartloop

Let’s assume you are a beverage company and you are launching a new product through a chatbot (in our example, I will be using screenshots from the Smartloop Chatbot Builder). The success of your campaign relies on two simple factors:

  1. How many users actually went through the flow and claimed the coupon (or what is the turn around rate)?
  2. Are they loyal or new customers? Which specific age group is more engaged (or what is the target audience)?

The first part of the chatbot automation process is to define what is that you are looking for — it could be a series of questions that can set the stage for a future qualification for a marketing push. You can store the replies to these questions in the chatbot platform for later use:

User Input Block with validation in the Smartloop Conversation Builder

In this case, when the campaign is over I can send them a broadcast based on the input which already has been captured. Here we are sending an additional promotional offer to the most loyal customers (customer = “yes”):

Message broadcasting with Smartloop Conversation Builder

The approach is similar to the ones who have not completed the flow or even left the conversation after the very first message by taking them to a survey that could provide valuable insights on what went wrong. The broadcast can also redirect the user back to the chatbot:

Message broadcasting with Smartloop Conversation Builder

Most of us think that just launching the chatbot is the end of the game but it is quite the opposite — being able to nurture the users properly can only bring the right feedback for your product. Broadcasting can play an important role despite the fact that both flows are rather simple but extremely effective if we want to channel customers to a direction we want them to go.

Check out the new “custom variable” support in the Broadcasting section of Smartloop. This enables you to capture user input and user-defined variables and target your users at a later time. Broadcasting is currently available for Facebook Messenger, Web, and Viber. Reach out to us if you want to learn more.

It is always free to get started with the Smartloop Conversation Builder!

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