Workbot for Human Resource Automation


Workbots are gaining a lot of traction on the customer side of the business. How about workbots infiltrating internal departments as well? While organizations are using workbots primarily for automation and digitization of businesses, they are rapidly transforming business functions, particularly in Human Resources Management. By introducing workbot automation for your core human resource functions, you minimize the amount of time HR professionals spend on routine administrative tasks and unlock new opportunities to automate processes to elevate your organization’s overall employee experience.

Achieve higher ROI on HR Workbots

Workbot by BOTSPICE is rapidly changing the face of current HR management practices, providing new opportunities to improve the employee experience. It is defining the new age paradigms in operating businesses. It has the power to change the way how human resources operate today. HR teams are dealing with a lot of challenges with seemingly conflicting objectives. HR functions are no more limited to administrative and transactional tasks of recruiting resources, conducting onboarding sessions, and payroll management.

The advancement in AI and machine learning has dramatically evolved HR functions over the past few years. They are not only recruiting assistants. They have also become strategic business partners, employee experience boosters, brand builders, communicators, and catalysts in increasing employee satisfaction. Therefore, organizations must focus on simplifying functions like onboarding, recruiting, training, performance analysis, retention, offboarding, etc., or risk left behind in the competition.

BOTSPICE workbot can be exploited to achieve a great ROI. It automates several repetitive tasks within seconds to reduce the burden of HR, allowing them to focus on other challenges like reducing employee churn. Imagine your employee interacting directly with workbots when they need help with training, understanding company policies, etc. Workbot interacts with your employees just the way your HR executives do, but with greater speed, instant availability, and consistency in response.

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BOTSPICE Workbot, Your Talent Management Partner

Ever wondered why few candidates lose interest in the interview process? Recruiting is a challenging and time-consuming job. HR teams often screen thousands of candidate applications. It is not only challenging for HR but also exhausting for candidates as well. They spend an enormous amount of time preparing for the interview and often struggle to find the right platform to raise queries about the interview process, company policy, job description, etc. They end up dropping emails in the HR mailbox that frequently goes unanswered.

What if there was a solution that filters candidate profiles

and carries out people management seamlessly?

Workbot automation is real and growing at a rapid pace.

It filters candidate profiles, shortlists candidates,

communicates with candidates for follow-ups, schedule interviews,

handles incoming queries, and provide informative videos to candidates.

Upskill Employees and Increase Engagement

The development of employee’s skills is an essential factor for the success of an organization. As organizations prepare for an unknown future of work, they are betting on employee training and skill development to create a workforce that can future-proof their business. However, it comes with a big-time investment. Investment is not the only challenge. Organizations have long grappled with low engagement and knowledge retention levels for mandatory training and learning modules. Despite attending training sessions, most employees are rarely engaged or driven in active participation in the training.

BOTSPICE workbot can help in increasing engagement levels and help employees plan and keep track of their goals before and after training. By integrating workbots into training, employees can easily interact with workbots and access training resources and subject matter experts at their convenience. They can query the workbot using keywords or simply ask a question. Workbots will then suggest relevant training courses to help them upskill for career advancement. Well, this is just not it. Workbots can also assess your knowledge with quizzes that come with scores and instantaneous feedback.

Respond Instantly to Employee Enquiries via FAQ Workbot

HR team’s inbox often gets flooded with employee queries. Commonly asked questions should not be directed to the HR department. It is a waste of time to put effort into answering a question more than twice. Oracle press release study suggests that around 64 percent of people prefer bots over managers/HRs when seeking information. Upload FAQs to workbots and motivate employees to interact with workbots to get their queries answered in real-time.


In this technology-disrupted world where organizations are striving hard to beat the competition, It is imperative to adopt solutions like workbots to automate, streamline and make data-driven informed decisions. It eliminates human bias in HR decision-making. Workbots give you intelligent employee sentiment analysis, helping you reduce unwanted attrition. BOTSPICE workbot integration into human resources will make the organization better and stand out from its competition. Get in touch with our experts to embark upon a new Workbot culture.

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