Conversational Analytics

Access analytics and data insights via textual or voice conversations!

Information workers need the most granular form of data analysis and insights for faster decision-making. However, most enterprise apps and analytics tools, often lack an easy-to-navigate interface and slow down the process of accessing insights

Conversational analytics, also known as conversational BI, leverages natural language processing (NLP) technology that allows you to obtain data and business metrics via chatbots or voice bots placed on your third-party messaging app (Microsoft Teams, Slack , Zoom etc.)

Conversational analytics solutions can integrate with any of your enterprise systems like BI apps (Power BI, SAP BI, Oracle), ERP, CRM, LoB apps and extract information. Use BotCore’s Data Model Ingestion, to create the perfect Data Virtual Assistant.

You may then ask natural language questions, like “What was my sales in North America last year?” or request the bot to show a graph of the past 5-year expenses, on your enterprise messenger, without logging into your enterprise system or sifting through multiple apps.

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