[Botpress] Send content after some time after the first message/event

I want to send a element to the chat if the user has spent a given time say 5 minutes on the chat. So I started with an after_incoming_middleware hook

function hook(bp: typeof sdk, event: sdk.IO.IncomingEvent) { const eventDestination = { channel: event.channel, target: event.target, botId: event.botId, threadId: event.threadId } // Don't process event and send content in 5 minutes if (event.type === "") { event.setFlag(bp.IO.WellKnownFlags.SKIP_QNA_PROCESSING, true) setTimeout(function() { bp.cms.getContentElement('supportbot', 'builtin_card-FvRfLb').then(cardPayload => { bp.events.replyToEvent(eventDestination, cardPayload, event) }) }, 5*60000) } } 

I get an error on cardpayload argument in bp.events.replytoEvent()... The error being Argument of type 'ContentElement' is not assignable to parameter of type 'any[]'

What am I doing wrong? How can I send the card element after a certain time has passed since the first message from the user and what event should I look for/event name in If statement? Also I want the user to be able to continue with the flow after this (shouldn’t interrupt the flow). Tried the BP forum but got no response. Would appreciate some help

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