[QUESTION] Bot Builder for an undergraduate CS student

Hi everyone, for context I am doing taking an undergraduate CS course and need to build a chatbot to address a problem in either medical, food, disaster or education domains. I have been advised by my lecturer to use a chat-bot builder such as Verbot, Sequel, Chatfuel and other similar builders. The chat-bot should be an expert system to address problems in these domains. So I will need to map a knowledge base and prove that there is information exchange between the bot and user as well as some learning capabilities.

As a chat-bot novice, I have no prior experience with chatbots, but I do have C,C# and python programming experience. I would really appreciate it if you guys could give me advise on how to choose a beginner friendly chatbot to help me. Also there are no restrictions on platform integrations for my project 🙂

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