Chatbots and Policy manuals for employees

Greetings. First, let me apologize for what may be simple questions, but everything can be answered on Reddit…. right?

I work in a heavily regulated industry and as a result, we have large policy and procedure manuals for our people. The challenge here is navigating them and making them user friendly for the end users.

Currently our manuals are written in HTML5. We have the ability to view them in either a PDF manual or online. The subsections of the manual are revised as often as monthly if needed.

What we would like is something like what you would get with TurboTax.

Ideally it would allow you to ask questions, and it would come back with potential answers. So if we were transportation for example, you might have a question about damage to the structure. The bot would come back with choices from the regulation governing damage, allowable limits reference, engineering group responsible for repair development, reporting procedures, how to measure damage, training topics, etc.

Again, we capture this in HTML5, but how do we make this easy to find for the end user.

Appreciate your reading this.

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