How can AI & Chatbots Improve Support Agent Experience & Productivity

With the increased expectation for a speedy resolution and more interactive engagement, customer service representatives (CSR) alone cannot handle the rapidly evolving needs of customer support. An American Express survey found that 78% of consumers have bailed on a transaction because of a lousy service interaction.

As the pressure to scale up processes and deliver quality customer engagements mounts, contact centers witness higher attrition and agent turnover. Hence, to be truly successful in providing exceptional customer experiences, an organization needs to view agent experience, meaning how efficient, empowered, and effective its agents are, as an integral part of its overall customer support strategy.

To augment agent effort, chatbots and other AI-driven technologies are making their way into contact centers. Let’s discuss how a hybrid, co-existential human and AI model improves support agent experience and productivity.

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