Today, we find Artificial Intelligence in various magnitude around us. AI is not merely ‘customer service providers’ it can definitely do much more.

AI applies machine learning to be able to learn through user inputs thus providing solutions that are intellectual, helping machines to learn from experiences by sensing pattern response inputs and do human-like task.

CHATBOT’ is one such AI driven computer program that derives conversations through text or voice commands. People tend to be more attentive and motivated when engaged in conversation.

According to LivePerson survey of 5.000 consumers in 6 countries, globally, 38% of consumers think positively of chatbots, and only 11% view chatbots negatively. The rest 51% are neutral about chatbots.

Why Chatbots?

Chatbot’ is an AI driven bot that can automate your business processes. An intellectual automation aiming to reap greater returns, reduce cost and increase customer engagement; handcrafted to meet the automation needs for every business function.

Chatbots’ can increase user engagement by using cerebral conversational flows and build interactive chats that are easily comprehensible.

For instance, ‘Chatbot’ educators help in educating students and give them the experience of an interactive learning platform. It allows you to automate students queries, conduct surveys and also take online tests and quizzes. It allows you to display various multimedia for a fully visual and interactive learning experience.

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The ‘Chatbot’ way of life!

According to Gartner, the future of Chatbots are that 85% of our interactions will be handled by bots instead of humans. So jumping on the bot culture is crucial for any business. Predicting such possibilities business are boarding the bot culture to leverage their functions.

Join the ‘Chatbot’ way of life to experience ease in working operations, ease communications, build customer relationships with instant responses to their queries, create a platform for learning and strengthen your company’s marketing efforts.

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