Bot Agencies Turned to SaaS Companies

It’s great to start as an agency and offer chatbot building services. But if you want to scale your business, it might be time to switch from a professional service model to something like SaaS or Marketplace.

Here are some companies that have made the jump from agencies:

Here’s a quick list of some companies that made it. They all started as agencies but after some time figured out how to build a product company.

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  • BotsCrew — (, started as an agency and then built a chatbot building framework.
  • Botmakers — ( used to sell chatbot project leads but switched to chatbot templates marketplace.
  • Airchat (, a website bot building platforms focused on recruiting bots. Built by the Botmakers team too.
  • A Denmark based BotSupply.
  • Blip by Take (Brazil and LATAM market)
  • London-based company We Build Bots (
  • started as an agency too but then join y combinator and built a HR chatbot platform.

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