Chatbot Conference Online 2021

Starting May 25–27th 2021

If you could ask Google, Salesforce, GoDaddy, T-Mobile, IBM Watson, Rasa, Twilio, anything about AI, Bots & Voice what would you ask?

Discover how Enterprises are using chatbots, AI and Voice to decrease costs and increase revenues. We will explore latest trends, use cases, and get a behind the scene look at what is working best and how you can apply it in at your company.

We features speakers from many of the leaders in the space such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Rasa, IBM, Salesforce, Intuit, Walmart, and many more.

3 Reasons you need to Attend:

  1. Save Time: Discover how Enterprises are using Chatbots, AI and Voice from Top Industry Experts. Attending our events puts you in touch with Top Experts in AI, Bots , Voice and saves you a lot of time and trial and error.
  2. Certified Workshops: Learn how to Design and Develop Chatbots and Voice Apps in our full day workshops. Workshops like this typically cost between $2,000 — $5,000. Workshop details below.
  3. Networking & Virtual Happy Hour: We have digitized the networking experience! In our upcoming event, you will be able to virtually network with speakers, attendees, vendors and exchange contact information with the click of a button.
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How the Chatbot Conference is Organized

Day 1: DISCOVER |May 25th

Chatbot Conference & Live Q&A

On Day 1, of the Chatbot Conference, our Goal is to give you an overall understanding of the Conversational AI Ecosystem, to discover the best business application that are producing an ROI, and to do deep dives in the most essential areas.

Deep Dive into Use Cases:

  • AI Customer Service: Exploring how Enterprises are using bots in Customer Service to increase customer satisfaction and decrease costs.
  • Sales & Marketing: Latest on how Enterprises are generating leads and sales using Bots.
  • B2E, Backend & RPA’s: This is the biggest use cases no one is talking about! Backend bots are bots that automated tasks between employees and enterprises such as HR, password reset, employee on-boarding, document management, proof reading, and much more.
  • Voice & Virtual Assistants: Latest on Voice from Google Home, Alexa, & Siri.

Deep Dive into Execution:

  • Artificial Intelligence & NLP: ​Latest on NLP & AI for Bots
  • Conversational UX: Latest design conventions and a look at what’s working.

We aim to give an overview of the Conversational AI space and help you identify the most important areas. We then jump in and do deep dives in each of these focus areas and try to answer the most pressing questions such as ‘what use cases have the biggest ROI’, ‘what is possible given the current state of AI & NLP ’, ‘what is the best way for Enterprises to get started’ and many more. The Live Q&A is the perfect time to ask them questions and go in depth on their topic of expertise.

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Virtual Happy Hour, Networking & Virtual Round Tables

We have digitized the networking experience! In our last event, attendees had 1700 conversations! Our events are the perfect place to connect with industry experts and network in the Conversational AI industry.

Here is how it works

In our Virtual Networking Area, you will automatically be matched to someone who has similar interests and have the opportunity to talk for a few minutes. After that time, you can exchange contact information with the click of a button or move to the next person.

Day 2: DESIGN | May 26th

Certified Conversational UX Workshop

In this year’s event, we are featured two Certified workshops that build on each other. First, you will design a bot in our Conversational UX workshop and then develop it in our an AI Development Workshop. By the end of our workshops, you will have a Conversational Agent that you can implement at your company or take it back to your supervisor.

The Project

Your bot will be able to answer 10 FAQ questions, have a great on-boarding experience and a number of fall backs. You will learn how to design and develop a bot using NLP/NLU Platforms and deploy your bot to a website, sms, messaging channel or voice.

Conversational Design Certification: In this workshop, you will learn how to design a great chatbot. You learn about copy writing, user research, UX design and how to use data and analytics to improve your chatbot or virtual assistant.

Day 3: DEVELOP | May 27th

After you Conversational Agent has been designed, we will take that preliminary design and develop it into a fictional MVP. In the workshop, the NLP section will be implemented and your bot will be able to answer 10 FAQ questions.

Certified NLP Workshop| May 26th

AI Developer Certification: In this workshop, you will learn how to build a bot using Natural Language Processing. You will learn about intent classification, entity extraction, dialogue management, and you’ll learn how to make your bot conversational using NLP!

After completing the workshops, you will be able to build a high quality chatbot or virtual assistant using an NLP.

Lastly, students who take the workshop, will earn a Certification upon completion!

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See what our Attendees are saying

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